CavinKare set to serve millions of households through its latest sachet innovation; launches brand SaaFoo for vegetables and fruits wash

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Brand to also house India’s first meat and seafood wash in a sachet format

  Continuing its efforts of taking safe health and hygiene practices to every household in India, CavinKare today announced the launch of brand SaaFoo washes for vegetables and fruits in an easy to use sachet format. As most of the households in India continue to rely on plain water for cleansing of fresh produce, the sachet format of SaaFoo products has been introduced in the market to aid consumers maintain effective cleansing practices of food. The launch coinciding with World Food Safety Day which is on 7th June, further emphasizes the need for specialized solutions to cleanse fresh produce. The newly launched brand is set to house two exclusive products under its umbrella:

  • SaaFoo Veggies and Fruits Wash and  
  • SaaFoo Meat Wash

With an insight into day-to-day food safety needs of the consumers and backed by strong research, CavinKare is also India’s first consumer brand to introduce a cleansing liquid specifically made for meat & seafood. SaaFoo washes have been designed to carefully remove the germs, chemicals & pesticides that could be carried inadvertently in the food we consume. The products are made with 100% Food Grade Ingredients and leave no after taste post cleansing.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director & CEO , Personal Care & Alliance, CavinKare said, “CavinKare been synonymous for sachet revolution in the FMCG industry for many years. We have been pioneering many products in the sachet format with a single motto of serving every consumer in every household. In a time like this, when there is a grave need for safer health and hygiene practices in every aspect of our life one cannot overlook the way food is cleansed and consumed. This embeds a sense of responsibility on us to increase accessibility of safe health and hygiene products in the food category. Keeping this in mind, we have brought brand SaaFoo vegetables & fruits wash in a sachet format to support our consumers and bring about a sea change in the way food is cleaned. We felt the need for developing a specific wash for meat and seafood keeping in mind their rigorous wash routine, so that consumers can consume their food with lot more confidence during these times.

Mr. Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan further added, In the wake of COVID 19, CavinKare has pivoted its efforts to lend a hand of safety for consumers across the country. SaaFoo has also been developed and introduced with the same motto. Introduction of sachets in this category would help millions of households to ensure their family’s safety in consuming food. Apart from the sachet, the vegetable and fruit wash and meat wash would be available in 500 ml as well.”

Combining the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar, Neem, Salt and Tumeric, which are renowned for their antimicorbial properties, SaaFoo has been developed to cleanse contaminants from the surface of fresh produce. SaaFoo products contain No Paraben, No Sulphates, No Bleach, No Soap, No Perfume, No colour and is made with 100% Food Grade Ingredients. Besides the sachet format, SaaFoo veggies and fruits wash is priced at Rs.99 for 500ml and Saafoo Meat Wash is priced at Rs.120 for the 500 ml across leading retail outlets, kirana stores and e-commerce platforms.

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