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10 Things Consumer Will Want Post- Covid-19

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As part of our new series, ‘Marketers Playbook for 2020 Post Covid-19′, Mayur Hola, Head of Global Brand, OYO Hotels & Homes lists top 10 behavioural changes and expectations of consumers from brands in the post Covid-19 world

    1. Be nice. I’m going to be careful with money. So I’ll pick brands I recognise, like and trust. Same way I pick my (very few) friends.
    2. Entertain me. My appetite for content and streaming platforms is even greater than before. Equally my tolerance for vapid advertising is at an all-time low.
    3. Reward me. I’ve been in DIY mode for so long, I would exchange one of my kids/kidneys for some pampering.
    4. Be fun, be unique, engage away. BUT, be consistent. I know social media is a new toy. But don’t wear a new dress every day. You’re not a fashion blog.
    5. Btw do you have a blog or a podcast? Start one, a useful one. Think New Yorker. I like to read / listen, when I’m pretending to work.
    6. Design me senseless. I’m a sucker for cool packaging and a well-designed product. I’ll pay more for a Rorschach face mask from Watchmen.
    7. Don’t be cheap. Bring something to the party other than your knockdown pricing. Create value for me and we may well get hitched.
    8. Reassure me. I will come back to fly with you, stay with you, eat with you, knock down shots with you. IF you make me feel safe. It’s like riding a bike after ages. Muscle memory will kick in, but I’m super afraid of falling on my backside.
    9. Clean up your act. We’ve been estranged and you can’t just move back in and behave like there’s nothing to fix here. So sanitise, wipe, clean, protect, repeat.
    10. Do you deliver to my place? Start delivering. Wear a mask, and gloves. What’s your temp? Please don’t cough. Thank you.

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