Britannia launches a WhatsApp based ‘Store Locator’, enables consumers to shop for its products nearby

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Britannia Industries Ltd has launched a ‘Store Locator’ service to enable consumers to find their favorite Britannia products in stores nearby. Given the context of the ongoing lockdown, the GPS-based Chatbot publishes a list of stores near the consumer’s current location, which have been recently serviced by the Company.

The technology solution has been built to swiftly respond to the surge in consumer demand and the consumers’ increasing need to find the range of Britannia products at close proximity to where they reside.

Commenting on the quick turnaround of the WhatsApp based Store Locator, Mr. Varun Berry, Managing Director, Britannia Industries, said, “Given the ongoing lockdown, our teams are constantly innovating to ensure high accessibility to our products, across geographies and town classes. The WhatsApp Chatbot is one such timely solution built to help consumers discover our products in their neighborhood.”

Mr. Berry added, “The high degree of familiarity that the Indian consumers have with WhatsApp makes it an ideal platform to reach a wide demographic of consumers.”

The Store Locator has been launched pan India. A consumer can interact with the ‘Store locator’ by sending ‘BRIT’ on Whatsapp to mobile number 4071012222 and following the instructions.

For more information on the Whatsapp based Store Locator please log onto

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