Sometimes all you need is #TheLuxuryofTime

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Lodha Luxury introduces a new initiative to embrace time & inspire positivity

Lodha Luxury, the true-blue luxury real estate group has introduced a new communication on #TheLuxuryofTime, in keeping with the need of the hour which requires people to practice social and physical distancing and spend more time within the comfort of their homes.

The essence of the brand lies in their 3 pillars, the third of which is “Luxury that is experienced”. The thought behind this pillar is that luxury has evolved beyond a price tag into something that is personalized and experienced, not bought. The objective of the message signifies this as a time for people to get reacquainted with themselves and their loved ones, to practice physical, mental and emotional self-care, to do the things they never had the time to do and to maintain a positive outlook.

The campaign launches with a 3 part video series, the first video can be viewed here:

With a new reality setting in and transforming how we live and work, for many of us this also means having to adapt to a new lifestyle with the Luxury of Time. The luxury of time should be treasured as one of the finer things in life, be it rediscovering old childhood passions, learning a new skill, or even something as simple as taking a moment to reflect.

With current times accelerating underlying trends that have been observed for several years, one of them, most dear to us, is embracing the new normal of working from home thereby embracing a digital transformation that allows us to embrace #TheLuxuryofTime in a wholesome manner.

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