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Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India

As part of our new series, ‘Marketers Playbook for 2020 Post Covid-19′, Anjana Ghosh, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Bisleri says that brands will have to learn new lessons from this crisis, anticipate needs and change the ways they service their consumers

The coronavirus pandemic has by far been the most challenging time we have ever faced in the last few decades. A global threat that no one saw coming has already started reshaping and redefining our lives. It is difficult to predict what the world is going to look like post quarantine while the society at large is still grappling with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. And yet, we know that this phase will pass soon and we have to find ways to lift our spirit with a fresh perspective on the future.

For marketers, there will be changes they have to make in the business as new consumer habits will stay hold even after the crisis. The most important effect of the crisis is how it is going to change consumer behaviour and how quickly brands adapt to the ‘new normal’ once they figure what new normal is.

Deeper connect with the consumers

The crisis has radically altered consumer behaviour and continues to do so with emotions of fear, panic and anxiety propelling to stockpile products one may not need. This is the right opportunity for brands to pause and reflect on their roles to help consumers in such emotional states navigate these challenging times. Businesses small or big should adapt to the needs of the consumers quickly and be available with a meaningful purpose of truly serving them when they need them the most. Consumers will remember brands that were there for them during the crisis and in the future increasingly prefer brands that were aligned to their emotional needs.

Digital will get bigger

With people confined to their houses and spending more time on devices, brands are relooking at how they can create a great online experience for their consumers and communicate with them. With events being cancelled, social gathering has taken a new virtual form through webinars, live streaming, teleconferences and other social media channels. Brands connecting with consumers online with relevant content will be a new norm and a practical way to provide meaningful interactions. Both brands and consumers are embracing digital experiences more than ever and how marketers tap into this transition seamlessly has to be seen. In the face of the crisis brands are using online as a medium to service Direct-to-home orders for consumers. To meet the Direct at home demand for vital services like safe drinking water Bisleri has activated its web and mobile platforms to support its distribution network, transitioning to a better online interface.

The next technological shift has begun

Social Distancing is half as painful as it would be because of technology. We are connected with our loved ones, family, and colleagues, working remotely from home and keeping life moving forward. The role of technology has changed in just a matter of few months. Brands are focussing on apps and website selling to not just prioritise delivery of products but also using this opportunity to map consumer behaviour as groups and as individuals. E-commerce platforms have seen a sudden surge in the number of people shopping online even for essential needs like groceries and dairy products. This crisis will change the way brands leverage technology in the future with a renewed focus on consumer research and purchase behaviour. Bisleri is servicing to enable an ecommerce platform through which consumers can avail regular deliveries and avail guaranteed discounts and special offers.

Change is Inevitable

The pandemic has impacted businesses across sectors and no one is certain how long the coronavirus will last or of the economic impact it will have on consumer spending. What is certain is that brands will have to learn new lessons from this crisis, anticipate needs and change the ways they service their consumers. Moreover, no matter how the future unfolds marketers have to prepare for post quarantine and embrace new ways to work together and emerge stronger out of the current situation.


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