Coronavirus: Motorola spaces logo to spread awareness around social distancing

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With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, Motorola urges people to start practicing social distancing by staying at home, and following the rules

Motorola, one of the leading smartphone brand, has re-designed its logo, to promote social distancing amid coronavirus pandemic. Through posting the same on their social media channels, the brand is urging citizens to avoid stepping out to reduce social interaction and trying to showcase that how social distancing is the only cure of fighting this virus. The normal bat-wing, letter ‘M’ of motorola was spaced out to emphasize the message of social distancing.

 As the coronavirus continues to tighten its grip over the country, the brand along with reinforcing the message of social distancing is also sharing information on how to protect oneself from the novel coronavirus.

 The change in the logo is only for digital platforms and can be found on Motorola’ s Instagram account

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