Durex launches distinct new flavours to help “Live your fantasies”; Bubble gum, Wild Berry and Vanilla Popsicle

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Durex, the world’s #1 sexual wellbeing brand today, forayed into the flavour condom segment with the launch of three unique flavours – Bubble gum, Wild Berry and Vanilla Popsicle. Continuing with the assurance and distinctiveness of Durex, these flavours aim to bring excitement to their bedrooms and help consumers to live their sexual fantasies.

Our Durex Global Sex Survey conducted in India in 2017, revealed that nearly 74% of Indians want to try something new in bed. However, surprisingly, only 24% of people feel that the art of making love is not boring. Sex is considered boring for a large segment of consumers who are now looking for excitement and are willing to experiment with their partners.

Mr. Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB South Asia Health said “We are thrilled to announce a unique set of flavours – Bubble gum, Wild Berry and Vanilla Popsicle that will empower people to bring their fantasies alive. This is the first time Durex has ventured into the flavours segment, and our aim is to broaden the portfolio and increase brand reach by talking it a larger audience set. This range is designed to appeal to the youth, especially 18-24 years old. It also makes Durex more accessible with a price of Rs 150 for a pack of 10 condoms

We have always believed in continuous innovation to ensure we break consumer barriers and encourage more and more people to enjoy sex. With our consumers’ trust and acceptance for the brand, we hope to declutter the flavoured condom market and un-bore consumer’s sexual experiences by taking them places.”

#GoPlaces is a holistic, multi touchpoint campaign that will establish Durex as the ultimate partner in one’s sexual journey, thriving to bring excitement and help live fantasies to make sex more pleasurable. As part of a 360-degree approach, the campaign will be available across all digital, social and TV channels, sparking conversations and engaging with consumers.

 Durex’s goal in India is to drive usage of condoms by bringing innovation that address major consumer barriers to trial and enhance the quality of sex lives. The brand also regularly works to normalise conversations around sex through various consumer campaigns that encourage people to talk openly about what they like and dislike about their sex lives. As a brand, Durex believes in the importance of both partners to have the opportunity to equally enjoy the act of sex.

Durex flavoured condoms are available in a pack of 10 for INR 150 and a pack of 3 for INR 50. These are well lubricated for the pleasure of both partners.

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