Savlon Swasth India Mission marks Global Handwashing Day with #TheHiddenMonsters

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ITC’s leading hygiene and health brand, Savlon through its initiative Savlon Swasth India  Mission commemorates Global Handwashing Day, with a call for good hand hygiene habits. The brand introduced a video titled #TheHiddenMonsters that illustrates everyday actions which exposes young children to germs.

With a simple call to action – ‘If you don’t wash your hands with soap, germs will follow you everywhere’ the short film captures actions that might lead to germ vulnerability in everyday school situations. The film with children and the make-believe germs spin a dramatic yet funny narrative that encourages children to wash hands with soap.

Boman Irani, celebrated Bollywood actor, a self-confessed Savlon fan and a staunch believer of hand hygiene said, “Hand Hygiene is critical and the message needs to be inculcated as a habit amongst children not just today but every day. Really appreciate this simple initiative which communicates the message on hand hygiene in such a creative manner. It indeed is a fun video and is a candid capture of children and their reactions to the germs that follow.”

Unveiled in 2016, ITC Savlon Swasth India Mission is designed to encourage behavioural change towards hygiene amongst children through various engaging and entertaining educational initiatives. The initiative has been able to reach more than 3 million students across 12,000 schools in India and continues to enable children as champions of change for health and hygiene.

On Global Handwashing Day, let us take a pledge to help introduce every child to the habit of hand washing with soap before meals and after using the toilet.

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