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Dolby’s singular aim is to enhance consumer experience: Ashim Mathur

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Dolby, a B2B brand is a known name among it’s consumers. It provides a cinematic and immersive experience across different screens – cinema, in the living room and on the go with mobile phone. Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director Marketing, Emerging markets, Dolby Laboratories, talks to Pitch team about Dolby’s  “Mobile Pe Dolby Hain Kya?” and more.

Please tell us about your new campaign “Mobile Pe Dolby Hain Kya?”.

 The Mobile is increasingly becoming an entertainment hub. Dolby India’s latest consumer campaign, ‘Mobile Pe Dolby Hain Kya!’ (Got Dolby on your Mobile?) is aimed at driving awareness about its technology on the mobile, that enables a spectacular experience, even on the go. The campaign also aims at educating the discerning audience that for a spectacular experience, one needs a Dolby enabled smartphone with Dolby enabled streaming service. The mockumentary style format ad campaign, brings back the relatable & memorable characters, Mr Chaubey and his son Mono (aka Mono Sound), explaining the audience, what they are missing with their existing mobile experience. The ad will see the son explaining his father how he can get a Zabardast sound experience on his Dolby enabled phone. While Dolby India’s previous award-winning campaign, ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hain Kya!’ (Got Dolby at Home?) addressed the brand’s focus on educating the HD viewer on the PhD or Poora HD experience in the living room with Dolby Audio, the latest campaign educates consumers how they can get more from their entertainment with Dolby even on the go.

From mainstream theatre sound check to now being on personalised mobile phone, how has been the journey throughout? What changes did you notice in the sound market over the years?

Dolby has had a very successful journey in India. For many years now, we have been working with partners to bring spectacular audio experience in cinema, to the living rooms with HD broadcast in Dolby Audio (Surround Sound) and onto the mobile, tablets & PCs. We now have 600+ Indian films in Dolby Atmos in 6 different Indian languages. On the broadcast side, over 75+ HD channels are streaming content 24×7 in Dolby Audio. On the streaming side, multiple hours of content is streaming with Dolby technology across both global OTT platforms & Indian OTT services like Voot, YuppTV, Sun NXT etc.

We see significant potential in the market for local content in cinema, television broadcast, OTT platforms and at the same time enabling the services that deliver this content to consumers. The availability of devices from our partners that can deliver the Dolby experience to consumers is continuously growing. Our aim is to enable content creators and services to deliver spectacular experiences across these devices.

Please comment about your current social media presence? How are you planning to bring on the further changes?

Telling the audience a story is a technique that tends to strike the right chord with consumers. More than a tool for effective and for measurable marketing, it is a method of building strong relationship with customers and a thriving community of loyalists over time.

The use of content marketing has played an important role in building the relationship with the audience by creating compelling audio-visual experiences. It is the content that delivers our ‘Experience Story’. We showcase Dolby advancements in audio and imaging through content that entertains, educates, and captivates consumer, professional, and enterprise audiences worldwide. Content creator and evangelists tell our story. For example our video series in India called ‘Behind the Mix’ is one such example. Our Partners (OEM, Content & Services), who inspire us, tell our story through their devices, here’s an example of a partner led influencer testimonial

Content marketing has been a key pillar for driving engagement locally. We have a robust digital presence, with over 1M+ very loyal & engaged audience on Facebook. We have over 34K followers on Dolby India twitter handle & also see a lot of organic traction on our Instagram page.

What are the current trends or insights that you see happening in your industry right now?

India has a robust content creation ecosystem that exists across multiple languages. Consumption of video, both on mobile and television is on the rise, especially with the advances that are happening in mobile broadband. We see significant potential in the market for local content in cinema, television broadcast, OTT platforms and at the same time enabling the services that deliver this content to consumers. The availability of devices that can deliver the Dolby experience to consumers in continuously growing. Our aim is to enable content creators to deliver spectacular experiences to these devices. This in turn helps them to drive deeper engagement and a strong emotional connect to their consumers.

 With competitors like Imax, DTS, how would you differentiate yourself from the others.

It has been Dolby’s singular aim to enhance consumer experience. We have been striving to excel ourselves and provide an even better experience to our consumers. Dolby also has a unique approach of working across the ecosystem – starting with content creators, providing them the tools and the know-how; and to distributors/operators/services to ensure that the content is delivered with enhanced Dolby experience. On the device side, we work with various OEMs to ensure that the devices are enabled with Dolby technology to deliver an immersive sound & visual experience be it in their living rooms, at work or on the go.

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