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Lenovo combines smarter technology along with the vision to make it accessible to everyone: Amit Doshi

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World’s leading personal computer maker, Lenovo, recently took a new step towards smart computing. The technology giant launched its latest campaign, “Smarter technology for all” along with Intelligence (AI)-enabled ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PCs for professionals in India. On the occasion of launch, Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer (India and South Asia), Lenovo, in conversation with Pitch, talks about the Lenovo’s the new generation of Artificial vision behind the campaign and its future plans in India.

Please tell us in brief about the new launches and the new campaign “smarter technology for all”.

The new campaign “The smarter technology for all” is our first step in building awareness about Lenovo’s corporate brand vision. The campaign starts off with a TVC (television campaign that talks about, in simple terms, of both our consumers and decision makers at organization, who invest in IT products and have given us business over the years.

With this campaign we are reflecting on vision of our company. We believe technology today has a larger responsibility, than just connecting us to the internet and building thing which could be sometimes called frivolous. Today, it is quite commonplace to put a micro processor in something and call it smart.

We believe that’s quite the opposite of what technology can do. Our vision is that we can use technology in a way that could help us solve larger and more complex human challenge than just assistance and entertainment. For example, in our TVC we talk about how our super computers are helping in control of climate change.

We are also using virtual reality very interesting for students to immerse in field trip experiences from the class room. We also have worked very closely with brands like Ducati to enhance their performance with our technology.

We are the only company in the world who has devices and infrastructure i.e. our server storage cloud. The combination of these two, along with Internet can create magic and take on most complex challenges that humanity has to solve.

Do you think, India needs a push for gadgets beyond Mobile Phones and laptops to complete with the global market?

Of course India needs a push towards technology, but I don’t feel it’s towards devices, but how the consumer uses the existing devices. For example, our smart phones are such powerful mediums, but most consumers use it just for routine communication and entertainment.

At Lenovo we are putting thought in each of our devices to make them more intuitive and their experience more enhance, to make those devices more intelligent. Also, accessibility is important. There are brands out there that can say they have the best devices in the world, but they are not accessible by everyone. Lenovo doesn’t want to be that brand. Therefore, we combine smarter technology along with the vision to make it accessible to everyone. We are not just putting technology in the hands of very few. We are trying to build a digital technology that is far more inclusive. Therefore, I agree that there is space for more innovative devices, but that technology should be used creatively and should be accessible to all.


*The full interview is available in the Pitch Magazine, September edition.

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