Dulux Ambiance launches new brand announcer campaign

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Introduces an exclusive range of super premium interior and special effects paints

AkzoNobel, a leading global Paints and Coatings company and maker of Dulux Paints in India, unveiled a new brand campaign of Dulux Ambiance Velvet Touch – an exclusive range of super premium interior and special effects paints inspired by artisans.

The commercial which has been created globally by MullenLowe for countries that are launching Ambiance features a woman trying to select her next wall paint from a group of colourful characters, as they compete in a dance-off for her attention. Eventually deciding to paint her walls a shade of special effect, the character throws itself against the wall, lighting up the entire room.

Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, AkzoNobel India said, “Keeping in mind the upcoming festive season where consumers will be sprucing up their homes, we are elated to introduce the global brand for Super Premium Interior- Dulux Ambiance. India is the first country in South Asia where we have introduced the special effects collection. It’s a unique offering for our Indian consumers. It has been our endeavor to continuously develop innovative products, use our global expertise and local understanding to delight consumers.”

Speaking about the campaign, Kim Potters, Global Marketing Communications Director at Akzonobel said, “The Ambiance range of paints empowers our consumers to express their personalities through their living environment. The campaign that we have made with MullenLowe, which is our global communication agency,  celebrates the joy of experimenting with colour and special effects in your home. The playful characters bring to life the range of feelings and sensations that different colours and effects have the unexpected power to evoke.”

Alex Okada, Global Creative Director at MullenLowe said: “We wanted to capture not only the joy of the colours, but also the special effect textures of the new Ambiance range. Dance is the perfect way to express these features. The whole campaign is very sensorial. You see the colours, you can almost touch the textures, and you feel the vibe of the different dance styles. The doubts we all face when choosing the perfect colour for our home was the starting point for this campaign. The coloured paint characters show off and compete for the consumer’s attention using all their individual qualities. The work highlights how the colours and textures you choose to paint your home with say a lot about yourself, since the desired paint and effect is an expression of your own mental process.”

Dulux has introduced six special effects paints, namely- Dulux Ambiance Marble, Metallic, Linen, Silk, ColourMotion and Desert.  These special effects paints create an entirely new designs and patterns which are inspired by artisans to provide craftmanship and personalization to the consumers.

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