Reebok’s Classic White Sneakers Get An Iconic Makeover in FW19 Overbranded Pack

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The new minimalist Club C and Classic Leather have been updated with bold vector logo applications

Today, Reebok Classic gives the ultimate sneaker duo a graphic refresh, as the Club C and Classic Leather are updated with oversized vector branding in the new Overbranded pack.

The latest iteration of Reebok’s “Respect the Icons” platform, which celebrates the brand’s timeless, true and universal silhouettes, the Overbranded pack playfully blends Reebok Classic’s past and present to inspire the future. In homage to Reebok’s iconic 90s vector, the minimalist Club C and Classic Leather sneakers are updated with big and bold logo applications, delivering a series of striking styles that are impossible to ignore.

From 80s tennis uniform to today’s street favorite, the Club C has always delivered an understated style, now revamped with larger than life logo detailing on its fresh white upper. The Classic Leather –a cultural staple and quintessential street icon –is given a striking update with the standout vector printed across its sleek silhouette. Featuring Reebok’s classic Vector symbol, the Overbranded pack is executed in a red and blue men’s colorway complete with gum sole, and a black and rosette women’s rendition with contrasting all-white outsole.

Hero’ing the trailblazing individuals and subcultures that have adopted the Club C and Classic Leather, the Overbranded campaign takes inspiration from bedroom walls passionately curated and adorned with posters and intensely fly-postered gig venues, bars and clubs. The series of images feature an overbranded, monochrome environment that truly allows Reebok Classic, and its iconic kicks, to take center stage.

Commenting on the new launch Mr. Sunil Gupta, Brand Director, Reebok India says, “The Overbranded pack gives the universal silhouettes, the Club C and Classic Leather, an iconic new look. It’s not only a celebration of the icons, but an expression of timeless fashion.”

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