Upgrade to whole-mouth-health with  New Colgate Total toothpaste

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Colgate communicates the benefits through a parody video created with The Singing Dentist – Milad Shadrooh, actors Manish Paul & Pranitha Subhash, and fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, has launched its New Colgate Total toothpaste with an innovative formula offering multiple benefits to provide superior Oral Care to protect not just the teeth, but also tongue, cheeks and gums. Hence, the New Colgate Total urges consumers to ‘Upgrade to Whole Mouth Health.’

The toothpaste brand communicates about the New Colgate Total in a fun way through The Singing Dentist, a UK-based dentist named Milad Shadrooh, in a playful song called ‘Brush Them Well’, a parody of the popular Bollywood track ‘All Is Well’. Featuring in the video alongside The Singing Dentist are three other well-known celebrities – Yasmin Karachiwala – one of the most celebrated fitness trainers in Mumbai, Manish Paul – Bollywood actor and stand-up comic, and Pranitha Subhash – South-Indian actress. Sung by The Singing Dentist (Milad), in his characteristic comical manner, the parody video features all the four popular icons as they dance along, while conveying the significance of ‘whole mouth health’, ensured by the New Colgate Total. This campaign is conceptualized by FoxyMoron and created by The Rabbit Hole in association with Red Fuse Communications.

Mr. Arvind Chintamani, Vice-President Marketing,Colgate-Palmolive  (India) Limited said, “The New Colgate Total offers ‘holistic’ oral-health. It fights germs not just on the teeth but also on the tongue, cheeks and gums, for up to 12 hours, helping one achieve ‘whole mouth health’. To communicate the product’s multiple benefits we have created a clutter-breaking campaign for social-media, with Singing Dentist -Milad Shadrooh, and 3 other popular youth icons. Through a parody based on Bollywood’s popular ‘All is Well’ song, the product’s benefits are conveyed in an interesting and engaging manner that builds an instant connect with our consumers and helps them internalise the message. We are confident of its appeal to our audience.”

Speaking about his collaboration with New Colgate Total, Milad said, “I am very excited to be collaborating with Colgate to create my first Bollywood inspired parody! I have always aimed to deliver key oral health messages in a fun and positive way and I am passionate about treating oral health as part of our overall health. As a dentist, I have always tried to educate my patients to clean their teeth. Teeth make up 20% of the mouth, the remaining 80% are the tongue, cheeks and gums and these surfaces harbour bacteria as well, needing a similar level of protection as teeth, to achieve whole mouth health. The new Total toothpaste does exactly that as it focuses on whole mouth health and spreading this message, in the Singing Dentist style, was a great opportunity! And of course, my eyebrows were very excited to join in too!”

The New Colgate Total is available across various retail formats at a variety of price points starting from a Rs. 97/- pack to a Rs. 184/- pack. The toothpaste was launched with a video communication on YouTube and other social media channels at the beginning of the year, persuading consumers to – Upgrade to Whole Mouth Health. During the launch phase, Colgate played special demo videos and used informative POP material to educate consumers to take care of their teeth, tongue, cheek and gums with New Colgate Total across their retail footprint. Additionally, for an increased ‘word of mouth’ and better impact.

Colgate employed unconventional ‘out of home’ channels, like tying up with PVR Cinemas to surprise movie-goers at 10 PVR outlets across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, by offering them a seat-upgrade just before the start of the movie, truly demonstrating the meaning and benefit of an ‘upgrade’. This campaign too was much appreciated by cine-goers, who enjoyed such an instant-elevation and it generated a lot of positive social- chatter for the brand, firmly embedding and extending its message of – Upgrade to Whole Mouth Health to a large audience base.

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