HONOR empowers a user with colour vision deficiency to see colours for the first time

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Gifted him glasses specially designed for people suffering with colour vision deficiency and the latest HONOR 20i Phantom Red

HONOR, the global leading smartphone e-brand, recently posted a short video that displays its commitment towards empowering individuals. The film captures the story of a young man named Akash, who is suffering from colour vision deficiency (colour blindness) since an early age. HONOR took the initiative to invite him to their studio and gave him the opportunity to wear glasses specially designed for people suffering from colour blindness.

The video starts with the youth talking about the adversities he has had to face because of being colour blind. It then goes on to beautifully capture then reactions and the overwhelming emotions that the young man feels after seeing the real red and green colours. He also gets to see the HONOR 20i Phantom Red and watches in awe as the hues of red, purple and pink are revealed to him. The video has been well appreciated by the people, having received 910K views and 6.8K likes on Facebook.

Mr. Suhail Tariq, CMO at HONOR said, “At HONOR, we are focused on transforming people’s lives by empowering them with innovative technologies and quality products which enables them to do more. Furthering our motto of , this film was a small endeavour on our part to make a difference and spread a cheer in the life of this young individual.”

Color blindness is a color vision deficiency leading to the incapacity of the eyes to see and differentiate between various colors. In this condition, a person may see the colors as washed out or confuse between two colors, finding it hard to figure out the difference. Approximately, 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women (0.5%) in the world are color blind.

See colors for the first time

Akash sees some new shades of color for the very first time! It’s a moment where one is humbled to be in awe of the world. #HONOR is glad to be a part of this experience. #HONOR20i

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