RED to promote Independent Music through their new platform, RED Indies

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(In picture, L-R – RJ Kisna, Millind Gaba, Suryaveer, Nisha Narayanan (COO & Director, RED FM and Magic FM), Chhavi Pradhan, The Twin Strings, The Suryansh Project, RJ Sachin)

93.5 RED FM, one of India’s largest private radio networks, launched ‘RED Indies’ on World Music Day, June 20. The new platform is RED FM’s initiative to promote Independent Artists and re-grow independent music scene in India. RED Indies will serve as a platform to engage and bring out the independent music talent in the country.

Speaking at the of RED Indies, Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM and Magic FM, said that the vision of this new platform is to celebrate great music.

Commenting on the launch, Narayanan said, “the vision clearly is that, a few years from now we would love to see great music being played on the radio, irrespective of whether it is Bollywood or independent music. This whole compartmentalization of music has to stop. Good music is good music and that should be celebrated. Radio channels, more than streaming apps, and other platforms, are a great way to just celebrate great music. And that’s what we want to do.”

With the emergence of digital platforms Indie music has gained significant popularity in India in last few years. The genre, which used to be very popular during 90s and early 2000s, lost its ground when the private radio industry started booming. According to Narayanan, the reason behind it was financial constrains.

“We’ve been in the business for last 15 years or more. And over the journey of setting this 69 station network that we have, we go into these newer markets where there’s a lot of great local, independent music, none of which is really captured on the radio. FM by its very nature is local. We have different frequencies in cities and stuff like that. But we’ve been unable to do that. There has been a business constraint and it has always been hundred percent Bollywood. But I think the time has come, where we need to give a certain platform to independent music,” said Narayanan.

Taking about launch and promotion of the new project, Rajat Uppal, National Marketing Head, RED FM, said, “There are various plans to promote RED INDIES which will be disclosed in due course of time. The new brand extension being platform agnostic, it will be promoted across radio, digital and through on-ground events. We launched RED INDIES to help promote and grow independent music artists in India. Our aim is to support independent music artists irrespective of which part of the country they are from. “

As part of the launch, RED FM unveiled the logo of RED Indies in presence of multiple independent artists. RED FM plans to bring RED Indies to the listeners in next 7 to 10 days. They have already started encouraging their listeners, through their various platforms, to write in their recommendations and suggestions for the kind of new music they want to listen.

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