An ode to the Un-disputed gods of the new world

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Ballantine’s celebrates the uncharacteristic heroes in its latest campaign

New Delhi, June 19, 2019: Power is not wielded from corner offices. Success no longer wears only pin stripes. Nor does it just sit in high rises of glass and chrome. The latest Ballantine’s communication raises a toast to the entrepreneurial spirit of this new breed who are redefining the codes of corporate success. Unorthodox, intrepid and bold in its very visual language, the latest campaign by Ballantine’s aims to acknowledge their audacious spirit with aspirational authenticity.

The new Ballantine’s campaign is an ode to these ‘Uns’ – symbols of the fearless new corporate tribe. So there is no one hero in the film. The protagonists are many, diverse and represent corporate success across unconventional walks of life. Fearless, bold and not disheartened by temporary glitches, their strength lies in their uniqueness. They’re holding their ground in un-stereotypical ways; scripting success in unimagined fields and professions.

Even the media use and spread of the campaign is as sharply defined. Talking as it does to and about a highly connected, digital savvy audience, the campaign makes adept use of television, social media and digital platforms to convey the spirit of Ballantine’s. Ballantine’s audience’s experimental spirit and sense of identity expressed through self-belief has a seamless brand connect. Ballantine’s is a spirit that has stayed true to its character since its very origins in 1827. Unswayed by competition, unchanged by changing times, its self-belief has remained unsullied. Armed with great self-conviction, Ballantine’s has always taken the world head on, chin-up, with a no-retreat-ever attitude. Perhaps, it is the reason why few can match its unbeatable performance and position in the market.

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