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Video Marketing trends 2019 – Part 2

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Creation of Explainer videos will spike in India

The world has seen the true power of online videos. Companies like Dropbox and Groupon started to thrive purely because of their ability to create animated explainer videos that enabled clear communication. But what about the companies in India?

With the ever-growing startup ecosystem and a booming internet scene, the Indian market is only starting to realize the true power of videos.

To this day, only the companies with significant marketing budgets have been able to make an impact with video marketing in India. But things are about to change forever.

As seen on the Google trend graph above, startups have finally started to realize the power of online explainer videos. And explainer videos are a great place for companies to start their video marketing initiatives.

Also, with the rise of affordable DIY animated video creation solutions, this new video marketing revolution is just around the corner. So if you are a startup that plans on making it count, now is the right time to jump on this growing trend with your own explainer video.

The world will discover the true power of micro video influencers!

Whenever a company thinks of collaborating with a social media influencer, who do they think of?

On first thought, they probably think of huge sporting stars like ViratKohli and Christiano Ronaldo who have millions of followers and also charge millions for a mention in their video posts. But these campaigns aren’t generally great options for companies who are on a tight budget and can’t run million dollar marketing tests at their will.

This is where micro video influencers come in! Micro video influencers are individuals who are approachable, relatable and have a smaller but dedicated following on social media platforms.

Here’s some data on why Micro influencers matter.

If you are a company looking for a bang with every penny you spend! Micro video influencers are the way to go.

Don’t give up on IGTV yet!

It’s true that IGTV hasn’t seen any significant improvement in usage from the time it launched back in June

Instagram’s 1 billion userbase watches 60% more videos than they used to a year ago and Instagram’s stories feature has a userbase of more than 400 Million daily users. That’s twice of what Snapchat has!

These figures clearly show that the demand for vertical videos are there and is growing more than ever! But Instagram failed to get the user interface right and are facing the heat now.

But Facebook doesn’t seem to be giving up on IGTV yet and neither should you! They have been experimenting by placing IGTV tiles in the explore section of the Instagram app and the engagement on these videos have been pretty good. Every video that gets features there is able to garner millions of views in just a few hours!

It’s only a matter of time before Instagram gets it right and the adoption starts to spike!

Inclusive marketing is the need of the hour!

Its 2018! And it’s no longer enough for brands to simply focus on creating amazing products and market them to make a profit. If you want to build a brand that means something to the consumers, you have to stand for something! A cause to be more precise.

That’s exactly what Nike has been doing over the years. Their controversial ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick is another step in that direction.

While Nike received some backlash initially, they ended up building a strong relationship with their fastest growing consumer segment. And it has reflected tremendously well in terms of revenue dollars as well.

While Nike has been taking a stand on social causes for ages. More global brands including the ones in India have started to take a step in the right direction.

The recent #FreeToLove campaign by CloseUp India is an example of a similar effort.

If you are a brand that wants to build a strong relationship with its customers, this is something that you should definitely consider while drafting your video marketing plan for 2019!

There you go! We hope these 12 video marketing trends truly helps you race ahead of all your competition. Do you think we missed out any trend that can add tons of value to the users? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

In 2019, interactive marketing in local languages

In 2019, interactive marketing in local languages would be bigger than ever before, as the penetration is rural areas would determine the next wave of digital economy within India. Experts hold the opinion that content integration and localized content marketing would become a veritable alternative to traditional advertisement and unlock new areas of growth for businesses who choose to capitalize on them.

Brand videos, client testimonials, product explainers and marketing ‘snackable’ content given in local languages would be the next frontier of growth in Indian digital-led commerce.

OTT platforms would offer more fresh and relatable, localized content

Fresh localized content in the granular level. Millennials and Generation Z expect social dynamism and local relevance and take it for granted. Many companies have already begun to blend personalized data from various sources and converting them to individualized, targeted content to spur digital advertisement and purchase conversion.

E-learning market in India poised to attain great heights

E-learning market is huge in India, and is expected to grow to a $2 billion industry by 2021 according to a recent Google-KPMG study. This is chiefly fuelled by the digital revolution of cheaper data (close to 40 crore data users in India, among which 26 crore use social networks actively, with about 80 percent of that time spent on video consumption) and affordable smartphones, with growth spread equally across metros and smaller cities. High quality, high-relevance content creation increased by 78 percent in 2018 vs previous year, according to a research by Content Marketing Institute.

Short-form mobile video-led content engagement via TikTok and WhatsApp status ads in future

Another interesting platform to lookout for in short-form mobile video led content engagement space is TikTok, and the emergent feature of WhatsApp, its status stories. With WhatsApp business API been released, and with its features mimicking the other businesses of Facebook Inc, such as stories, there is a great opportunity to reach across to millions of active users. With WhatsApp status videos expected to be monetized soon via ads, crisp marketing videos in the vertical format is expected to be the next big digital marketing phenomenon in India.

The author is Srinivasa Raghavan, CEO & Founder, Animaker





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