Tata Tea’s Chakra Gold takes the iconic Jaago Re(Meluku) campaign to women in AP with a strong message of empowerment.

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 For the first time, a Jaago Re (Meluku) campaign developed specifically for the women of Andhra Pradesh has been launched by Tata Tea’s premium brand in the region, Chakra Gold.

At a product level, Chakra Gold is known for its strong, long lasting taste and at a brand level, it has always empathised with and been the voice of the South Indian woman’s aspirations to be progressive and to stay ahead of her times. Keeping with this legacy, the new TVC endeavours to awaken AP women’s strength towards self-empowerment while battling debilitating patriarchy and discriminatory societal norms.

While  AP women’s attitudes and aspirations have evolved in leaps and bounds, they are still battling against crippling retrograde norms of their patriarchal society wherein society continue to demand supreme sacrifices in the form of unfulfilled dreams like leaving education & jobs especially post marriage. AP women want to break free from this ‘over-intrusive’ society and feel that ‘financial empowerment’ is one way to break these shackles. This has been brought alive in the new TVC. Anchored in this insight, Mullen Lintas in association with TATA Tea Chakra Gold, conceptualised the new TVC intended to awaken not just women to tap into their strength, but also to awaken society to acknowledge women’s immense potential. The story shows how a resourceful, enterprising Homepreneur who, despite lowly expectations of a patriarchal system, makes a lasting impression by saving the day and ensuring prosperity and well-being of her family.

Commenting on this campaign, Mr. Puneet Das, Marketing Head, TATA Global Beverages, said, “TATA Tea Chakra Gold, known for its long lasting taste, is one of the most premium brands in the Tata Tea portfolio. For our latest campaign, we wanted to address the hopes and aspirations of the women in AP & Telangana. We had in-depth conversations with them where they expressed their deep desire to be free from oppressive societal ‘restrictions’ imposed on them. Hence, the aim was to bring alive these emotions of the women in this region.


Our new TVC campaign shows TATA Tea Chakra Gold as a preferred choice for women who always leave a lasting mark on everything they do. This is in line with TATA Tea Jaago Re campaigns that have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing deep rooted societal issues and ‘awakening’ consumers to such issues. In its first regional appearance in the southern part of India, the TVC aspires to make a strong statement in true Meluku style, and we hope it will resonate with our audience and inspire them towards self-empowerment.”


The film tells the story of Kavitha, a housewife, who feels she wants to do something valuable anf contribute to the family kitty, with her time and talent. She has started a business from home. She and her husband want to move on to a higher rung in life – a bigger house. Noticing her husband having discussions about the purchase of the new house with the uncle, she inquires if the deal was closed. Her husband informs her that the owner has demanded an additional 5 lacs rupees. While she wants to help in every way,  the retrograde society which is symbolised by the uncle, thinks women shouldn’t be a part of financial decisions as they have nothing to contribute. The highlight of the TVC is when Kavitha hands over the cheque for 5 lacs which she had earned through her online business of designing sarees, surprising the husband, and getting a re-appraisal in the eyes of the uncle. All this is set in the inspiring backdrop of Meluku (JaagoRe).

The film is insightfully crafted to encourage all women who are walking the path of financial independence. The TVC reflects the protagonist’s strength that leaves a lasting impact on the society, just like the strong long lasting taste of Tata Tea Chakra Gold.

Shedding some light on the film, Amer Jaleel – Group CCO and Chairman, MullenLowe Lintas Group, says, “Tata Tea Chakra Gold has always championed the South Indian woman in its advertising over the years. The shift is now to champion her strong views and actions, by which she awakens a societal and cultural change. That is why, for the first time, we have introduced the stirring emotions of Jaago Re to the Telugu-speaking audience.

TATA Tea Jaago Re, is known for walking the talk with all its campaigns, and with the new campaign for TATA Tea Chakra Gold, the focus will be to enable a positive impact for the women in Andhra Pradesh.

The film goes on air on February 16th and will be telecast in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

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