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World Radio Day, 2019 Celebrating an inclusive, expanding audio medium at the Radio Festival, 2019 Public, Private and community radio synergise for a vibrant space The Radio Festival (TRF), being hosted by UNESCO in partnership with Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation, SMART, a not- for -profit on Wednesday (February13th 2019 ) aims to celebrate sound by breaking the silos and bringing together all the three tiers of broadcasting : Public, Private and Community, as well as pod casters and others in the audio space on one platform . Conceived and launched by Archana Kapoor, founder of SMART and Radio Mewat, the Radio Festival is celebrated on UNESCO’s World Radio Day, February 13 every year. This year the festival embraces the theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – Leaving No One Behind.

The thematic sessions will have panellists from all three tiers of broadcasting, pod casters and other value added audio service providers around the titular session as well as around other sessions.

The opening session will centre stage the struggles and inspiring stories faced by the marginalised and the voiceless in accessing media, as well as the challenges and successes of radio in reaching out to them .The session is being moderated by Sharif Ranganekar, author and communication expert.

As a radio enthusiast puts it: at a time when many internet and online platforms have opened up information flow to anyone with a broadband and a smartphone, it is great to have a medium which is inclusive, and needs no sophistication to communicate through voice. Radio plays with the audio and sound to create a world of fun, music but also serious discussion and information sharing.

Today Radio is inclusive vibrant and conversations are no longer one way. The RJ can connect with you even when driving. And this is the dream world that the Radio Festival wishes to take you to.

At the Festival, the radio plus sessions on expanding choices and the story telling are expected to weave a magic spell by show casing the new and the popular creating perhaps cross learnings and synergies across the three tiers of broadcasting. Industry leaders and heads of organisations will also participate in a specially curated panel which will look at how the radio is creating waves in an already crowded media space. We hope to hear from Industry lead players in the radio space on how they will stay relevant in an ever shrill and competitive space and their strategy to remain on top of the game in the ever dynamic digital space.

SMART, the not- for- profit will also be releasing a Toolkit designed especially for Community Radio on SDGS. Supported by the UN agencies the toolkit aims to demystify and simplify the 17 SDGs into simple messages and activities so that community engagement for better implementation of UN SDGs can be achieved.

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