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In conversation with Rajeev Sharma, Head – Corporate Services & Strategic Planning, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

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Tell us about the new Ad campaign by Mitsubishi? What was the vision behind it?

Our new Brand campaign, ‘PARTNERING INDIA’S DREAM TO BE NO.1’ has conveyed the message to the nation that how our wide range of innovative and high-quality products are facilitating the growth and developmental activities in India. “PARTNERING INDIA’S DREAM TO BE NO.1” is an initiative to make our target audience aware of the contributions, products and offerings of Mitsubishi Electric in India. Our purpose is to highlight the brand image and its offerings.

We are making extensive use of available digital technology to reach out to existing and new customers through this campaign and support them in the best possible way.

How has MEI kept reinventing and re-innovating itself over the years?

As “Changes for the better” is not just the tagline of Mitsubishi Electric, but also the working philosophy, we are always open to new ideas and investments for product development and solutions in India for which we keep on doing market research and analysis.

The product engineering and development teams from our Headquarter in Japan keep visiting India to do the market research and understand customer feedback as to make products suitable for the Indian consumer For example, a recent tailored offering includes the introduction of new three-star inverter AC “JP Series”, a new range of split air conditioners which offers maximum comfort at the minimum environmental cost. Another example is GOC, a customized factory automation product for India. This product teams up as a controller with a display which can be used to suit the limited requirements and budgets of SMEs.

Mitsubishi Electric is in most of the verticals. Are there any challenges that you face?

Mitsubishi Electric has 4 companies in India. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive India Private Limited, Mitsubishi Elevator India Private limited Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited and Climaveneta Climate Technologies Private Limited. As a consolidated product portfolio in India we manage business divisions like Air Conditioners, Automotive Equipment, Chillers & Data centre cooling solutions, Elevators & Escalators, Factory Automation and Industrial Systems, Photovoltaic solutions, Semiconductor & Devices, Transportation Systems and Visual & Imaging through these three companies.

Hence from an organization standpoint, we are very sorted in our operations and deliveries to customer end because businesses are sorted as per regions and market segment through a strong network of offices and professionals throughout the country. Frankly, because of our well networked and organized operations we foresee no challenge in serving our customers.

If we talk about consumer retention what is your strategy?

Consumer retention as a phenomenon is a factor of quality and service. As a Japanese company, we are very keen on quality and it comes before everything else for us. Hence in the Industry we are known for quality which we never compromise on. The next thing in business is service which is the customer touchpoint as well. May it be Factory Automation products, Elevators & Escalators or Air Conditioners, maintenance is something which acts as a core of our servicing. A periodic preventive maintenance is what we propose to all our customers and being an electronic equipment company, it is very critical as well. Our moto for service is to think local and act global.

A good balance of product quality and streamlines customer support is our strength which helps in customer retention and upselling as well. Our strategy is always to make inroads and first prove the point of quality to the customer. Once the customer gets a taste of the Japanese quality and service he always comes back, which results in repeated business and organic business expansion as well. A small reference example of this is DMRC. We started with our product with the start of DMRC in India and now we have over 65% or market share for our components.

As a company we always believe in quality which helps this phenomenon.

What are the upcoming marketing plans for 2019?

The upcoming marketing plans for 2019 includes releasing of 6 Business units films in this Financial Year. The idea behind releasing 6 films is to showcase the endearing journey of Mitsubishi Electric, which has establish itself as a premium electric and electronic equipment manufacturer for a wide range of innovative and high-quality products which includes products and solutions for Air Conditioners, Automotive Equipment, Elevators & Escalators, Factory Automation and Industrial Systems, Semiconductor & Devices, Transportation Systems and Visual & Imaging. Mitsubishi Electric resonates with the new India’s DREAM to be No.1 and is proud to offer it solutions that will take it to the pinnacle faster. The follow up business films are aimed at engaging the viewer with stories representing the new India’s vision and how Mitsubishi Electric’s businesses are contributing to this vision. We are targeting various print, digital and exhibition platform for the promotion of the campaign.





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