Hyundai India celebrates Children’s Day with Brillant Kids Motor Show 2018

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The brand received 5,000 entries, out of which eight top designs were selected and replicated into life sized working models

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor found a unique way to celebrate children’s day with the launch of ‘Brilliant Kids Motor Show 2018’.  A first kind of initiative launched by an automobile company in India, it aimed to encourage the students foster the spirit of innovation and design. Speaking about the initiative, Puneet Anand, Senior- General Manager & Group Head- Hyundai Motor India said, “Young kids are the actual creators of this vision and the idea came to us because we feel the future of this country is well understood by the young budding innovators, our children. They have a clear idea of what is going to line the future.Today, the cars launched by these students echo the idea of tackling the pollution problem in the country. Hyundai, as a brand has come forward to bring this vision into reality”.

The brand received 5,000 entries, of which eight top designs were selected and replicated into life size working models. The six-month long campaign started in July 2018 and will culminate in December 2018.

This festive season, the company launched the all-new Santro in the market. Speaking about the response the popular family car received so far, Anand stated, “The response has been phenomenal and the product has got advance booking for the next four months”. He also emphasized that, “65% of the audience for the Santro product is in the Tier I and Tier II cities who we call as first time drivers. The response from Tier I towns is very strong, and even in Tier II areas people prefer Santro largely as a replacement or as an additional vehicle.”

Sharing his thoughts on the communication strategies employed by the South Korean car maker in India and the campaigns executed, Anand said, “Car ownership is not only about buying car but it is all about an experience.If the brand is able to provide an experience through various CSR initiatives, it becomes very holistic. A brand’s responsibility is not only about buying and selling a vehicle but it also extends to addressing certain issues. Here, Hyundai comes across as a formidable, responsible automobile manufacturer that advices and seeks to change the behaviour of the customer. Every year we try to bring in new concepts that target the audience effectively. We are already making plans for the next year.”

Anand also pointed out that the brand is doing every bit to boost its presence on the digital front. He said “Our focus right now is to expand our digital presence.  Indian customers are very dynamic. TV and print will always remain a very important medium for us, but at the same time our focus is on increasing our digital footprint. The brand is looking at AI and investing in Big Data analytics.We want to understand the behaviour of our customers and our resources for the next year will be leveraged on making a data centre, so that, we can utilise the existing and future customers data and make meaningful campaigns out of it”.

On marketing spends allocated to the digital medium, he disclosed “We have increased our digital spends eight times in the recent years. If we were spending Rs 8 a few years back, today we are spending Rs 64. In times to come, digital probably will be as important as TV and print are today, for Hyundai.”


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