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Fashion retail brand, Lifestyle has launched a new campaign called #Gotit, that talks about the curated collection that the multi-brand store offers. In an interaction with Pitch, Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice President- Marketing, Lifestyle, talks about the latest TVC and also emphasizes on the do’s and dont’s of festival marketing.

‘’The tagline for our brand Lifestyle is ‘Your Brand Your Store’. It means that whatever your style is, when you walk in to our store, we will help you put a look together. Our campaign showcases multiple looks and when you actually get what you want, you say I #Gotit. Similarly, we intend to make it a youth lingo, so when somebody asks where did you get this bag from or shoes from? We want people to say #Gotit at Lifestyle’’, says Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice President- Marketing, Lifestyle commenting on the retail major’s latest ad campaign.

Interestingly, Lifestyle which has not used Television, as part of its campaign, in the recent past is backon the small screen just in time for the festive season. Explaining the importance of television medium for advertising, Rao says, “A brand can’t just rely on one medium. Today any brand who wants to speak to its customer has to have a multiple media approach. While Digital has become an integral part of our communication mix, what we need to understand as a brand is that today brands are going omni-channel. We, for instance, have lifestyle.com and also the physical Lifestyle store present, and television gives us the reach that we need particularly for our online channels. We deliver across 18,000 pin codes across India. Earlier with the brick-and-mortar format, we had limitations as Lifestyle was present in few cities. Today with Lifestyle.com we deliver even to Tier II towns and with television as an advertising medium we are able to reach more people.”

Talking about the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of digital advertising, Rao highlighted a few points, ‘’The positive is that essentially there are millions of people, approximately 60 million consumers today, who are active on digital and who shop for fashion. This number will grow to about 70 million in next two to three years.’’ He continues, “Disadvantages essentially are that while digital is very important there are many caveats one need to kind of deploy. For the overall measurement of ROI, one has to get more accuracy.There’s a lot of conversation about fraudulent followers of influencers, bots are actually now becoming a part of follower list, impressions need not necessarily means genuine impressions. Therefore, ROI becomes very important and brands like us who are very focused on ensuring that we deliver good ROI for our investments. We are lot more focused on ensuring that digital spends are monitored effectively.”

With the festive season just kicking off, Rao talks about Lifestyle marketing plans for this period. ‘’With the help of celebrity stylists, we are creating looks together for Diwali. When you walk in to a Lifestyle store or visit the website, it’s not just pieces of garments or bags or footwears that are available, but we are basically trying to sell a complete look for the consumer. To make this happen, we have tied up with celebrity stylist Mohit Rai who has put together looks for Men and Women. By doing this we have tried making the whole journey of a buyer more pleasurable and memorable’’, says Rao.

Elaborating more on the do’s and don’ts of festival marketing, Rao elaborated, ‘’Most important ‘Do’ for a brand today is, make the whole shopping experience of a customer more memorable and pleasurable because Diwali is that time of the year where people want to celebrate together with their family. The big ‘Don’t’ obviously is that don’t clutter the customer’s shopping journey with too much of offers and discounts. People are looking for experiences and are not looking for cheap offers and services.’’

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