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Interaction with Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head – Marketing, Dish TV India Limited

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In the era of OTT channels, how do you keep yourself relevant to your audiences?

We are basically in the business of providing entertainment, which can come through regular live tv or it could also come through content provided to the customer through other mediums. OTT and DTH are just mediums for providing content to the consumers and that is how we keep relevant to our audiences by working on all mediums and all devices whether it’s satellite boxes or internet connected boxes from which you can stream online. Getting access to good content is primarily our concern.

What strategies has Dish TV used to increase visibility?

One of the key methods of increasing visibility has been the association with Shahrukh Khan and secondly, right kind of advertising. More than that we are present and visible at every touch point, which the customer comes across whether it is retail or digital.
More than 20% of our business comes from the digital medium. So, our visibility on traditional as well as on digital touch points is increasing year on year. We operate not just in the urban segments but across all the segments right from cities to rural areas. In other words, we have to be available everywhere where the customer is because we are a mass brand.

Being a market player of DTH services over the years, how does Dish TV plan to expand?

Our strategy for expansion is very clear. When you are a leader, expansion is always a challenge because we already have an extremely good market share, visibility and our brand recall is one of the highest. But then providing an upgrade to customers for better services is very important. For example, High Definition (HD) is a big area of expansion because lots of customers in India are still watching standard definition especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
Beyond that, we are expanding in terms of acquisition through digital modes, so we are acquiring new and more customers through digital modes all the time. We are also working on alliances and tie-up’s, which has enabled exclusive value edit services and content, which are available on the dish platform.

Does dish tv plans up to tie up with any OTT channel in the near future?

Yes, we do plan such tie-up’s in near future. At Dish TV we are already marking our presence felt on various media. For example, we are already present as Dish online which became the first OTT product to go online and we are going to refresh that very soon with new offerings. Also, one of our brands D2h already has a tie up with Netflix.

Congratulations on integrating with Amazon Alexa to provide Voice-Activated Content Discovery & Engagement. What are your plans for innovation in the near future?

We are the first and the only one in this category to integrate with Amazon Alexa. Voice activation is going to be a big thing as it makes it easier for our customers to navigate through, and pick the content they want to see. It also assists in finding out about discovered content and in managing user accounts etc.
Going forward we will enable online recharges through voice activation. So, all these innovations are in the pipeline and will happen soon.

Please tell us about your recently launched brand campaign about winning hearts highlighting
freedom of choice.

We had a very successful campaign which was about ‘Jeeto saare heart’. The philosophy behind the campaign was that everything thing that Dish TV does is not just to provide a certain service but to win the hearts of its customers. We are keen to provide a good experience to our consumers and are the first in the industry to offer the consumer their favorite channel at Rs 8.50. The freedom to pick up any channel and make your own pack, which we call ‘Mera Apna Pack’ is the theme of this campaign.

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