Delhi loves chai, whereas Mumbai loves coffee: Uber Eats

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  • Bangalore, followed by Pune and Delhi are the most ‘chai loving cities’ in India
  • Indore marks itself as one of the most coffee sipping cities
  • Adrak wali chai and cold coffee top the charts as India’s favorite brews

Uber Eats, the fastest growing food delivery app in India released Battle of the Brews: Chai vs Coffee, a comparative snapshot of India’s favorite beverages.

Stemming from the love for morning chai and evening coffee, Uber Eats’ order analysis between the two rival drinks reveals that the tech city of Bangalore tops the charts with its love for a strong, piping hot cup of chai.Interesting insights from the report also showcased Indore – a city known for its snacks, loves a steaming hot cup of coffee.

The ultimate brew battle:

  • Interestingly, Mumbai – the city that never sleeps stands true as Mumbaikars are clearly induced by a steaming hot dose of caffeine, leaving cutting chai far behind. The data reveals that Mumbaikars consume 2X more coffee than chai
  • The analysis reveals that it is always tea time in Delhi with consumption of tea surpassing coffee by31.43%
  • Since time immemorial, South India is synonymous with lush green coffee estates in the Nilgiris. Surprisingly filter coffee isn’t the local favorite, but a well brewed cup of tea is. On an average, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore consumes almost 48% more chai than coffee.

“We Indians love our caffeine-filled beverages all year round. Consumers today are opting to order in hot beverages such as tea and coffee knowing that it will be delivered to them within the comfort of their home or office, without them having to step out. Unlike a few years ago, there are a number of variants for both beverages and consumers are loving that these choices are available to them at the tap of a button,”Deepak Reddy – Head of Central Operations – Uber Eats India.

What is India’s favorite ‘cup of tea’?

India’s Chai obsession exists across diversities and comes in different hues and tastes – some black, some green! The list of the chai-flavour winners are as follows:

1 Kadak adrak chai (Ginger tea)
2 Masala chai
3 iced tea
4 Elaichi tea
5 Cutting chai

Indians love to grab a cuppa-coffee?

Indians are known for their genetic sweet tooth, not only post dinner but also with their routine caffeine. Cold coffee emerged as a winner among the coffee variants in India.

Coffee variants that top the list are as follows:

1 Cold coffee
2 Traditional filter coffee
3 Western cappuccino
4 Coffee shakes
5 Latte

Between breakfast and brunches: Chai time or Coffee break?

No matter what the favorite beverage is, Indians love their beverage breaks twice a day, in the mornings and evenings. Most chai orders were clocked in during 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, while coffee was an item that was popularly ordered at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Uber Eats’ analysis insights clearly infer that the Indian palate across geographies is ruled by the humble chai and coffee.

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