The Power of Personalisation – Hair Care Brand ‘Freewill’ hits the Indian market

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Founded by Tech Entrepreneurs and Former L’Oréal researcher, The company makes custom hair products after analysing consumer’s hair profile, environment, lifestyle and hair goals.

Freewill, launched In August 2018 is the first ever beauty company in India to create custom hair products that are inspired and created by carefully analysing consumers’ unique individuality. Each product is freshly made in labs, tailor made to fit each individual’s requirements and shipped  at  their doorstep.

With proprietary technology, the algorithm analyses over 1.7 billion formulations and creates 1 that’s most relevant for the user. The Freewill collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum, which are freshly made-to-order, all prepared with natural ingredients.

Freewill not just offers a product, but a holistic hair solution to their consumers. The idea is to offer the purest, most natural, healthy and most importantly customised hair care range for women. A user can visit and take an online consultation where they are asked about their hair type, scalp needs, hair goals, lifestyle habits and environmental exposure (pollution, UV, humidity, etc.). This ensures only the most effective ingredients are bottled to treat and nourish hair for long-term health. Freewill’s team have sourced 68 high impact ingredients and developed a proprietary algorithm that evaluates 73 data points to create exclusive, custom-made formulas with more than 1.7 billion combinations.

The company is founded by a team of tech entrepreneurs and a former L’Oréal executive with 40 years of rich experience in beauty industry. The core founding team includes CEO Mohit Yadav, COO Rahul Yadav and R&D Head Karl Krummel. The brand is backed by extensive scientific research and a hands-on product development team. Freewill is a beauty company focused on making personalized beauty products that are proven to work & are easily accessible to everyone.

“Beauty brands do not create a custom solution for consumers. Their categories tend to be fairly broad-brush and generic, selling a far-fetched dream which buyers need to factor in to ‘buy and try’. There is nothing more intimate for a woman than her haircare, skincare, and bodycare, so we want to help women personalise their experience in the hair care category. In the advancement of the technological age, consumers are looking for smarter knowledge driven products they can relate to. Each consumer is unique in their composition, styles and needs. Little wonder why certain products don’t work for certain people. Differentiation in hair/skin types along with geographical, genetics or environmental factors impact our beauty needs. Freewill understands and bridges this need gap with unique solutions to each consumer. Today’s consumers are educated, confident, empowered and we want to ensure they have complete control of their hair care needs while we provide them with high-impact natural products that help them achieve their hair goals. Freewill was born with the philosophy that if each individual is unique, their product should also be created uniquely.” said Mohit Yadav, co-founder and CEO of Freewill.

‘Freewill’ products are available online and with selected salon partners. With Freewill, hair stylists can now offer a much better solution to their consumers and co-create a product with them. They are changing the way Salon Stylists have worked till date and offering a retail solution for the new generation of independent stylists and salons. Stylists make a commission on the initial and repeat purchases from their clients.

“We are delighted to launch Freewill and be the first brand in the country to introduce personalisation of hair care products through technology backed algorithms.  Most popular, commonly-used beauty brands portray idealistic image of beauty for women. We at Freewill do not believe in these impossible standards of beauty, trusting the consumer to know when a product is genuine. Historically, women have been using shampoos and conditioners which are broadly categorised. We go a step further, hearing our consumers out and understanding each of their needs. With a focus on artificial intelligence and investing time in collecting relevant data, we ensure the best solution is uniquely designed for each hair type. At Freewill, we want to be collaborative and create a future with – not just for – our consumers.’’ said Rahul Yadav, co-founder and COO of Freewill.

Freewill’s Shampoos, Conditioners & Hair Serum cost Rs. 1,650. All formulas are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-toxic and free of ph thalates and GMO. The scientists are based out of USA and analyse ingredients from all global companies. So, consumers get nothing but the BEST. The team in India, make each product in-house at the company’s state-of-art manufacturing unit to produce high quality #MakeInIndia products.

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