Kotak 811’s initiative of inclusiveness on digital

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Lakhs of Indians supported Kotak 811’s initiative of inclusiveness on digital

The #IndiaInvited campaign by Kotak 811 builds on the insight of inclusiveness for everyone irrespective of personal or physical characteristics and draws attention to how 811, just like a bench, does not discriminate against anyone and the messaging was led by the Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh.

The digital leg of the campaign, #IndiaInvited, conceptualised and executed by Tonic Worldwide, extended an invitation to all Indians to be a part of the movement through various innovations.

The digital campaign kicked-off with real stories of people who have faced discrimination in the face of opportunity. Later, every Indian who wanted to support the cause, got a chance to participate by sharing the frame with Ranveer Singh using a custom-made Kotak 811 AR filter. The idea was to use technology on one of the most popular social media platforms and simplify participation for users.

In the next phase, people were invited to share their perspectives of how they could take inspiration of non-discrimination by emulating the Bench in the story ‘Bench Ki Aatmakatha’.  From poems to rap songs, shayaris to mini stories, the 500+ video entries that featured on the brand’s page were both interesting and humorous, while being aligned to the brand campaign. What’s interesting? The contest was judged by the famous stand-up comedians- Sourabh Pant and Sonali Thakker.

The campaign followed the ‘Save the best for Last’ policy. As a conclusion for the power-packed, superstar-driven #IndiaInvited campaign, Kotak 811 launched a unique digital bench that called out to every Indian and urged them to join a movement towards an egalitarian society.

The Bench of Unity is a community formed by over 2.5 Lakh Indians in the digital space who believe that they can be the change the society needs to put an end to the judgemental attitude. Invitations were sent out to people who have created a unique identity for themselves by achieving great feats, despite facing discrimination and judgements from the society. Bharti Singh and Geeta Phogat were also a part of the initiative and became members of the Bench of Unity.

The #IndiaInvited campaign got every Indian supporting the ‘no judgements’ and ‘no discrimination’ movement.

Besides, Social media was also abuzz with people supporting on all platforms and seeing the highest engagement in the category during the period.


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