Horlicks takes ‘Badne ki bhookh’ to the next level

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Horlicks launched Badne ki Bhookh in 2017, showcasing children and their
hunger to grow in different ways. This year, Horlicks dials up the passion by looking closely at what makes
these kids today go after so many things, with great ease. Children today want to do more at the same
time. From the dance stage to a tennis ace, with opportunities galore, kids would love to pack it all in, if
they can. ‘ Sab Karne ki bhook’ is not just a faint desire, but something that runs through their veins.
Keeping a keen eye on children and childhood, Horlicks – the much-loved Health Food Drink from GSK
Consumer Healthcare resonates with this hunger and encourages them to go after it with their all new
campaign ‘Badhne ki Bhook Rag Rag Mein’.

The latest TVC campaign, features young children who are constantly pushing limits and challenging
themselves in different fields driven by their hunger for growth. The campaign aims to create awareness
about nutrient absorption. There is a popular saying amongst Indian parents ‘Khata hai par lagta nahi’;
which simply means that even though a child is eating a proper healthy diet, it is not reflecting in their
growth. This could be because not all nutrients consumed are absorbed by the body – through this
campaign, the brand aims to bring forth this issue of nutrient absorption.

Nutrient bioavailability refers to the proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed from the diet and used for
normal body functions. Absorption of nutrients is an important factor for growth and development in
children. To help improve the bioavailability of nutrients, parents should look at the source of nutrients
and can also compliment their daily diets with additional sources like health food drinks such as Horlicks
which contains BIO available nutrients2 which gets absorbed in the blood.

Talking about the campaign, Vikram Bahl, Area Marketing Lead, Nutrition & Digestive health, GSK
Consumer Healthcare India said, “Through this campaign we are recognizing the hunger in children to
go beyond and support them with quality nutrition. The new campaign is aimed to strengthen our
connection with children and also educate parents on the importance of nutrient absorption for proper growth. It is important for parents to adopt the appropriate growth partner which fosters their children’s
hunger to grow.”

Debarpita Banerjee President, FCB Ulka, North & East said, “This campaign marries a beautiful
consumer insight with a very interesting product truth. Childhood is an age of exploration. They discover
new passions almost as regularly as the change of season. Horlicks recognises this ‘sab karne ki bhookh’
and believes this kind of hunger to grow should get the right nutrition.”

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