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India is a developing nation and with each passing year, the country is growing in terms of technology. Innovation is the key to success in today’s world, with digital being a key aspect for business growth.Similarly, content is yet another important aspect for business growth.

Back in the day, television use to link audiences to the external world but today, digital has solved many problems when it comes to connectivity and spreading strong content.

Virality – The most common term used for successful content. Content has been one of the powerful stakeholders in building a brand.Light hearted or humorous content is one of the most liked forms of content. Comedy groups like AIB and comedians like Kanan Gill in particular have risen to fame because of such content and digital social media platforms.

Running in the same race of promoting content and building brands, Radio has joined the league. 93.5 Redfm, is going live in metro cities to promote the second season of ‘Musicom’, which has collaborated with renowned stand-up comedian Kanan Gill and the young band- When Chai Met Toast

Redfm has brought together music and comedy in a unique manner. The tour commenced in Delhi NCR on the 21st July at Siri Fort Auditoriumand is currently travelling across India.

In conversation with the Pitch team, Rajat Uppal, National Marketing Head, Redfm, comments how Redfm keeps innovating.

‘This is the second season of Musicom, and as the name suggests, it is a fusion of music and comedy. Comedy has become huge in last four years and music has been there forever. Last year was the first time we started with a multi city tour and a combined curated event. That’s the next step forward for Redfm as Red Live. We will promote curated shows rather than single artist shows.’

Talking more about the growth of content on Radio, Rajat said, ‘We never work on any event on an isolated basis. It is our aim to have the on-ground showsprovide content for Radio. If we look at KananGill or even some of the other artists we worked with earlier in the year, they have provided content for the youth, which we use for radio as well.’

Commenting on how humorous content always attracts brands for tie- up’s,Kanan Gill said, ‘Brands always want to associate with what people genuinely like. Audiences enjoy comedy and the rise of the humor industry in India has been swift and surprising. It is hard to predict where it will be in next few years or when it will slow down as it is all very new. If you look at the last six – seven years we have impressive growth.’


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