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India’s push towards- IOT AND SMART CITIES

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The digital space in India has seen huge growth, which has also led to the digital transformation. IOT is
one such blessing to consumers that has made connectivity easier and is leading to the growth of every
At the ‘IOT for Smart India’ summit presented by IAMAI, Bikram Bedi, Head of India and SAARC, Amazon
Internet Services Pvt Ltd, highlighted key points on how important the IOT industry has become today
and is realigning with new demands of the ongoing digital transformation.
‘The ability to connect the digital world with the physical world has thrown up an explosion of
connected possibilities because now information technology gives us the power to control things’, said
Emphasizing on the growth of the connected devices, Bikram pointed out how India has seen huge
growth in the last couple of years.
‘If you look at 2008, the number of connected devices across the world were equal to the population of
the world at that time, which was estimated at 6-7 billion. The devices are expected to reach the count
of 50 billion in 2020. Now these are all kind of devices, which could be wearables, watches, mobile,
appliances at home like a toaster or a fridge or other industrial appliances like sensors on buildings,
medical equipment etc. ‘
Summing up the reasons of growth:
1. Connectivity options have significantly grown.
2. Cost to bring out data is going down day by day.
3. Cloud computing platforms which not only allow you to connect to the data but make smart
decisions and implement those decisions.
Talking about the smart city initiative, Bikram said, ‘We saw the government make a huge push for
smart city application even before the digital India initiative. Significantly, a number of state
governments are setting up smart cities in which the industry is participating. Connected devices are
being used for a number of applications for example, for electrical distribution, to control thefts, water
leakage management, better traffic flow, airing water and quality monitoring.’

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