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Bijoykumar Y, Sr. GM – Chief of Adventure Initiatives, Adventure Initiatives, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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Mahindra Adventure, known for creating India’s first and only Off-road Training Academy has been contributing immensely towards the ‘off road adventure’ market since its inception in 2011.  To talk about the journey of Mahindra Adventure, the Pitch team got in touch with Bijoykumar Y – Sr. GM – Chief of Adventure Initiatives, Adventure Initiatives, M&M Ltd.


Tell us about your journey and the inspiration behind entering the adventure segment.

As far as Mahindra goes, there were clear indications from scientific studies that the brand stood for being ‘tough and rugged’ and needed to be synonymous to ‘adventure’. This led to the creation of the Mahindra Adventure division within the marketing department of Mahindra Auto Sector. Personally, it was an extension of what I was doing as a motoring journalist – having fun with cars and I have to say that there is never a dull day at Mahindra Adventure.



How has the market for “off –road adventure” grown since the time you started?

We at Mahindra Adventure are proud of the fact that we have taken off-roading to another level. The transition from being a leisure activity to a sporting one was seamless as it evolved with the advent of Mahindra Thar – a natural choice for off-roaders in our country. Soon off-road clubs mushroomed across the country and there were enough takers of our events such as the Great Escapes. Mahindra Adventure also created platforms like the Club Challenge and Thar Fest where enthusiasts and clubs could showcase their skills.


How do you promote or market yourself to the people ?

Mahindra Adventure uses traditional automotive print media for essential communication – like the launch of the events calendar and our rally wins, since it is critical to interact with opinion leaders. Almost all other communication for call to action is through our web community and social media. And yes, excellent word of mouth too! From the early days, Mahindra Adventure has ensured and encouraged active participation of media teams in our events ranging from off-roading to expeditions where they don’t just report the event – they become a part of it. Needless to say this has benefitted us in conveying our message to the audience in the best possible manner.

What is new this year under the adventure brand?

We are planning an expedition of Lhasa and the Everest base camp in September. We may support a few enterprising Indians in their quest for international travel too. And yes, we want to win the Indian national rally championship again.









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