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“With OOH, Advertisers have the ability to use the space in unorthodox ways”- Praveen Gupta, Founder, eg. communications

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A report by Magna Global states that the advertising market in India is expected to grow by +12.5 per cent in 2018. After a relatively disruptive phase, OOH will see a growth of +8.7 per cent. Though it’s share in the overall advertising market is relatively lower, Praveen Gupta, Founder, eg. communications tells Pitch why the market for OOH is currently growing –

1. How much can an individual retain when it comes to advertising? He is seeing ads everywhere be it on the phone, on television, OOH, and newspapers – How effective is this medium? 

Outdoor Advertising today is an indispensable part of any advertising campaign as people are spending more time outside their homes than ever before.Today, every brand insists on an Integrated Marketing Communication – 360-degree advertisement being an essential part of it to create awareness, increase sales and brand recall, making OOH an important part of the media plan along with TV and print. With OOH, a customer doesn’t get the choice of switching to another channel.

Talking about whether a customer retains the message a brand offers –the right mix and strategic placement of media plays a major role in the success of the message by creating repeated visibility. It is about delivering the brand message to those people who are on the move; therefore, catching attention of those who are already “alert” and are aware of their surroundings can be done with much more convenience and ease. OOH has the ability to create trust in the brand as audience gets to experience the product/service through various activations/sampling.

2. Why are more advertisers looking towards OOH as an effective way of communication? How has the market for OOH grown over the recent years?

It is a medium which is cost effective with a clear target group.With OOH, Advertisers have the ability to use the space in unorthodox ways, which can be extremely eye- catching. OOH has the power to offer entertaining short form experiences with the use of AR- like using barcodes.It helps the brand to deliver the right message and settles a long-term brand proposition in the customers mind.

With an increase in public infrastructure,the OOH medium is also reaching new heights. Also, with the advent of DOOH the market is growing at a healthy pace.

3. In your opinion, do billboards placed in high traffic roads pose any kind of danger?

It is the responsibility of both the brand and the media owners to use the media carefully.

4. At eg. communications, how do you position the brands so that it reaches the exact target group? How do you plan to expand your reach to other areas?

We make sure to offer a brand something customized so it reaches its TG in the most effective way. This is done after thorough understanding of the brand’s Target group, brand insight, its offering to the consumer, and the brand objective, awareness or recall. Also, by conducting repeated surveys we keep ourselves updated about the customers changing needs and interests.

We have just stepped into station branding as well. We have taken a stretch on Line 2 from Rajeev chowk to Samayapuri Badli which covers important stations like Rajeev chowk, New Delhi Railway Station, Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar. We are also giving space to brands for activations on the metro platforms so that they can connect and interact with the audience more effectively.  Along with it, we have the rights to advertise on Line-8(Botanical Garden to Janakpuri west) where we are putting digital media inside the trains as well.



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