Sightsavers unveils its new campaign #UnfoldTheirDreams

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Releases case stories inspiring people to reach out more and spreads the importance of donation

Sightsavers, a leading global development organization working in over 30 countries to combat avoidable blindness and promote equal opportunities for visually impaired unveiled their new digital campaign #UnfoldTheirDreams. The campaign aims to promote and ensure access to comprehensive and sustainable eye health in India through case studies on the success stories of people with eye disabilities and the impact of donation to others’ lives.  This is further amplified by posts on their social media handles. The campaign represents one thing that is common to everybody – dream of who we want to be, which is something we all start thinking about from a very early age. When people will start to feel that the blind, no matter how willing and hardworking, cannot achieve their dreams, it becomes easier to accept that they are suffering because this notion is so relatable.

Since 1966, Sightsavers India has rigorously worked in their three core areas – Eye Health, Social Inclusion and Inclusive Education. They have supported the treatment of millions of people with eye disorders and brought eye services to some of the least served areas of the country. They have impacted lives of people in 100 districts across 8 priority states by building sustainable programme models, which have been endorsed and adopted by the government. In the last year, Sightsavers has conducted 2,00,451 sight restoration surgeries, 41,21,804 eye screenings, distributed 3,23,660 spectacles and refracted 13,20,507 people.

Speaking on the campaign, Avijit Dey, Director Funding & Marketing said, “Sightsavers India’s research shows that ad campaigns are a thing of the past. We are no longer users, consumers, shoppers. We are people again. In order to represent the beneficiary in a relatable light and to create an emotional connect to awaken an understanding of how the blind also have dreams we have conceptualised – ‘Unfold their dreams’; breaking the perception of “US and THEM. Through this campaign we are letting the blind tell their own story of their hope and dreams and how any help from us can bring them one step closer to achieving it – enticing apathy followed by action.”

Sightsavers has positively impacted the lives of millions of people in India, whether it is by restoring their sight (from blindness or near-blindness) or by helping rebuild the lives of those who will never regain their sight. Few of the #UnfoldTheirDreams case studies can be viewed here:

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