YouTube India Ads Leaderboard: Ads that India watched in Q1 2018

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Cumulatively the top 10 ads clocked 190 million views

YouTube released the Q1’18 India Ads Leaderboard, a list of the top ads and promoted videos that Indian audiences consumed during the first quarter of the year. These ten ads clocked an astounding 1.36 million hours of watch time, with mobile devices accounting for 83.8% of the watch time.

Here are the top 10 most viewed ads of Q1 2018 on YouTube:

#1 Reach for a dream| #chasethesupermoon Tata Motors


#2 Earn 100% cashback on all your medicine

Neetu Bhatia, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO,

#3 Levi’s® “Circles” Commercial l Bhangar- Levi’s® India

#4 OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition – Full Movie- Oppo Mobile India


#5 Cadbury Silk Valentine’s Day #PopYourHeartOut – Cadbury Silk

Prominent e-Commerce Websites in India

#6 The Adventures of Hunny and Choocha #KyunSookheSookheHi – Pepsi India

#7 Fans of each other, fans of new Lux- Lux India

#8 Growing Up Needs Dettol- Dettol India

#9 The Mountain Within| Based on the true story of Arjun Vajpai feat. Hrithik Roshan- Mountain Dew India

Chris Evan, MD, Oxford University

#10 V-Guard Inverter TVC – VGuard Online

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