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Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM & Redtro and CEO, Digital Radio (Mumbai) Broadcasting Ltd. on the revamped REDTRO 106.4

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Red FM is a popular Indian FM radio station broadcasting at the frequency 93.5 megahertz. The radio station launched its second frequency in 2016 by the name of REDTRO 106.4 in Mumbai, which has now been re-launched and re-vamped by the name of Magic 106.4.

While catching up with the Pitch team, Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM & Redtro (One of India’s largest radio network) and CEO, Digital Radio (Mumbai) Broadcasting Ltd, discussed the vision behind re-launching the frequency 106.4 and their plans of taking it to different cities.

Talking about their partnership with the team Sunrisers Hyerabad (IPL), Narayanan focused on how important it is for a brand to work with innovating marketing strategies to gain recognition.


P: Why did Redfm decide to re-launch 106.4?

We are not just re-launching 106.4 but we are also launching a network of radio stations. As soon as there is a clearance from ministry, we are launching Magic in Hyderabad and Chennai. We had a thought of having a network of radio stations because that always makes sense rather than having an individual station. It was more of a business decision to convert Retro to Magic.

P: How will be this frequency different from the existing one?

Magic is very different. It is unlike any other radio station.

I won’t compare the music or its tonality with the existing frequency but I would say that Magic is more about emotion. The tagline itself is quite descriptive, ‘JEE LE ZARA’. It underscores the idea that money can’t buy happiness and about living your life and having a bucket list. We see that people are becoming quite cynical, we need to let loose and start enjoying the world around. So that’s the space we are looking at as far as Magic is concerned and this is quite different from what Redfm stands for.

P: What marketing strategies does Redfm employ especially when it comes to reaching out to the listeners?

At Redfm, we have a 360 degree marketing approach. We are not a radio channel alone, I think we are a channel that is on-ground, online, on-air. As long as we are reaching out to all our touch points, we are reaching out to our listeners.

I personally believe that radio is not just about sitting inside the studio and doing the show but it is about going out and interacting with the audience in real time, meeting them, shaking hands with them. We are currently the Principle sponsors of the team Sunrisers Hyderabad, which is a part of the IPL. This is the 5thyear of our partnership and I believe it is a high impact marketing strategy. There is no other media company which is on an IPL jersey. I think that’s very prominent and we do get lot of impact because of our sponsorship.

Reported by Anam Khan

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