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Talking about Brand Experience at the Women Economic Forum held at New Delhi, Kanika Agarwal, CEO and Founder, FemPeers, Passion Peers & Rapid Rabbits, Singapore said, “Brand experience is different from the corporate point of view and also from start-up point of view because start-up’s work with limited budgets and resources.”

Enumerating factors that contribute to brand experience she stated, “Authenticity is the key factor and the foundation of brand experience. Authenticity comes in when people positively endorse a brand. It also depends on the platform that you use to communicate on about your brand.” Elaborating further, she said, “The second thing which has become very important is involving the target audience, let them talk to you, make them prosumers, include them in whatever you are doing. If we want to make someone a prosumer, we do it through referral programs. There is a concept of influencer marketing as well, which has become big everywhere. Taking reviews of consumers, including them in loyalty programs, letting them speak about the brand experience is what needs to be done.” She further added, “The third point, which I usually talk about is the use of tactics as opposed to strategy. Creativity, data collection and technology are three factors that can be used to deliver a successful brand experience”

The session concluded with a note on how creativity as an element can be used for the best interest of consumers, where she spoke about her own start up, FemPeers, “We make menstrual kits for women. Women tell us problems that they have during their periods; we then personalise the product to suit their needs. For every subscription we get, we are pairing it up with a girl in Kenya or rural India who cannot afford any of these supplies.”


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