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“You have to have the attitude of a winner”- Sania Mirza @ Goafest 2018

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The third day of Goafest 2018 saw Sania Mirza, the ace tennis player talking about the importance of sports. She highlighted the fact that sports leads to overall development of personality and teaches one life skills. In addition to helping one become a team player, it helps an individual deal with wins and losses, instilling discipline and self-confidence. Mirza believes an athlete needs to have grit as one loses a lot more and quite often before starting to win. While grit and mental strength are attributes athletes require the most, a good support system is also important to shaping their future.

In this regard, our education system needs to be overhauled to recognize the importance of sports in the curriculum, and the government needs to better the infrastructure to support our athletes.

She spoke about how, even today, women have a hard time taking up sports because of social taboos and the need for society as a large to help overcome this challenge, especially since, India has produced excellent athletes who have gone on to shine globally.

When asked about the media reporting that she has an attitude, she answered “there is thin line between having an attitude and being arrogant. To be a successful person you have to believe that you are successful. You have to have the attitude of a winner.”

She also mentioned that we as a nation should move from being a cricketing nation to a sporting nation.

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