StayUncle Targets Women Trafficking

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Stay Uncle Launched a fake Website that became viral within hours of launch

StayUncle, a hotel booking website in India for both married and unmarried couples launched a unique marketing campaign to evaluate and address the fast growing issue of women trafficking prevalent all across India.

To reach out to the masses in order to understand the level of women trafficking the women are witnessing, StayUncle smartly started the campaign with the launch of a fake website that featured various sorts of categories and types of women which presumably can be booked for one night through the website after a person drops his email ID as a signal of interest. The website also showcased multiple categories of choice as per the user’s interest and assured 100% protection from legal issues. The ultimate goal of the guerilla marketing project was to raise awareness about the sex trafficking issue in India, a syndrome whose victim is majorly women in more than 80% of the cases.

Over 20,000 women become victim of sex trafficking chain every year and the number doesn’t seem to be going down despite the sincere efforts of the government and its numerous NGOs to promote awareness and educated about this plague. We ourselves often come at the forefront of this problem through daily queries coming from people all over India on whether our company also arranges partners apart from secure and safe hotels for couples.

The entire campaign was organized around the hashtag #StopWomenTrafficking which started trending on Twitter on 3rd of April 2018 just hours after the news was announced online. The Twitterati community unanimously raised its voice by the thousands against the remote existence of such website and such business model, which was very encouraging and heart-warming to experience. This has only demonstrated that India is willing and stands against the issue of woman trafficking and against any sort of objectivizing of the woman.

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