VEEN Launches Ayurveda Water – The Best of Indian Wisdom, in a Bottle

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A NATURAL ELIXIR -Inspired by the 5,000-year-old science, premium Finnish water brand VEEN launches Ayurveda Water – the best of Indian wisdom, in a bottle.

It’s no secret that nature holds the curative powers to heal the body and mind. ‘The Science of Life’, also known as Ayurveda, helps tune our bodies back to its natural rhythms. Centuries-old texts have much discussed nature’s plentiful bounty – plants, herbs and fruit – and their healing properties to eliminate disease.

Inspired by the ancient traditions of the Indian subcontinent, and VEEN’s second home in the Himalayas, VEEN has combined this science with its natural spring water to create 330ml of harmony – Ayurveda Water. The new linesees VEEN’s natural spring water infused with Ayurvedic plants, fruit and botanicals, in four balancing blends: Amla & Tulsi, Saffron, Ginger & Honey, and Blackcurrant, Apple & Mint.

Developed in consultation with Dehradun- based Ayurveda practitioner, Urvashi Naithani, VEEN’s range is an easy, healthy and delicious alternative to artificially sweetened beverages. VEEN Chariman Aman Gupta credits his German hotelier friends as inspiration, when they discussed the idea almost three years ago, on their return from an Ayurveda-based wellness retreat. Gupta says, “Life as we know it is not going to slow down. We decided to createa functional product to bring holistic balance to consumers, to keep up with the times that we live in.”

VEEN Ayurveda Water will launch in April of 2018 in Finland, Bhutan and India, followed by a roll out to other international

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