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Surging Ahead with More Torque Per Gram – Geared Up for the Transformation

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There is absolutely no doubt that the burgeoning air pollution levels in our cities need to be tackled head on. Towards this, the government plans the switch to hybrid and electric vehicles in the country by 2030.

At an industry and a manufacturing level, the shift to electric vehicles will have an impact of gigantic proportions. To simplify, today the internal combustion engines (ICE) used in cars have more than 2,000 moving parts, while an electric vehicle would have only about 20.

Therefore, some parts will see demand dry up once electric vehicles dominate in India.

As stated by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), the country cannot afford to lose the domestic component industry to imports from China or Eastern Europe. At present, the auto components industry lobby contributes business worth INR 1.45 trillion. It is expected to provide close to 5.6 million jobs by 2025-26.

The government is well cognizant of these potential concerns. They are addressing the same via a flexible and visionary action plan. According to NITI Aayog, the government has laid out a far reaching action plan. Despite no current rigid EV policy, the government will continuously push for greener mobility. The Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles Scheme (FAME) is one such action. Tackling the lack of battery charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is another.

SONA has developed the electric axle for hybrid and electric vehicles for a green and clean approach to the future of auto manufacturing. As the technology and market leader, SONA BLW is looking forward to establishing Indian manufacturing and components as the competitive and prime choice for automobile manufacturers across major global hubs.

The company is aligned with innovative automation. Specialised capabilities and accomplishments in product and process modernization have empowered us to become the preferred partner of choice for prominent OEM’s across geographies. SONA BLW gears up to charter new boundaries through a paradigm transformation. As a powerhouse of talent, manufacturing footprint, and R&D centres across India and Europe, we seamlessly navigate to overcome challenges. From 25 employees in 1987, we have grown to become a team of 2,400 across 4 manufacturing facilities in India and 4 manufacturing facilities in Europe today.

At this time of change, the company has launched a new visual identity. This identity is an amalgamation of the fluid and the structured, entailing our heritage, dynamics, and structure, to quality manufacturing, precision, innovation, and compliance.

Presenting, our symbol of change: The newly minted SONA Logo:

The letters ‘S’ and ‘O’ form the globe, the “N” and “A” form the core of the planet. The abstract components forming the core of our business are represented by 5 teeth, one for each location continent. With geometric precision, the layers within epitomise texture and vibrancy of culture. The infinite, connected symbol illustrates positivity of intent, innovation, and continuous growth. As a futuristically conscious company, we chose a singular binary black and white combination identity. This not only creates a visual impact, but also reduces wastage of energy and resources.

It is a new dawn in auto manufacturing. At SONA BLW, we are prepared for the innovations that the future expects of us through this evolution of the auto industry.

Sunjay Kapur, Managing Director, Sona BLW Group

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