Absolut, Cult and Instigate Second Phase of #ANightForChange

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Absolut, Cult and launched the second phase of #ANightForChange; a night in which, through creativity, Absolut wanted to inspire everyone to create a better tomorrow. The second part of the project took to the area of La Roma-Condesa in Mexico City – a neighbourhood part-destroyed by the earthquake in September 2017.

#ANightForChange brought together artists and local businesses to help revitalize and reinvigorate the community, contributing to the efforts of #JuntosNosLevantamos [Together We Rise].

·#ANightForChange is part of a global Absolut movement. In Mexico, working with local artist Meteoro, alongside the support of BetaRok75 (UK) and Emily Gray (Canada), the artists sent a message of solidarity to the community, inspired by the beauty and strength that Mexicans showed after the earthquake on 19th September 2017.

On 27th September 2017, #ANightForChange brought seven artists around the world together during one night to shine a light on the issues affecting their communities – from gender equality to racism – using creativity as a tool for positive change. However, there were meant to be eight artists. The week before, an earthquake struck the La Roma-Condesa community of Mexico City, where the artist in Mexico – Meteoro – was meant to paint. The people of La Roma-Condesa were left devastated and have spent the time since rebuilding their homes and sense of community. Now, more than ever, they’re in need of an uplifting message of unity – a show of global solidarity in their struggle. This instigation act was about showing that the community is not forgotten whilst also bringing a sense of rejuvenation to the area.

Meteoro’s new artwork takes this situation into consideration – inspired by the strength and beauty of La Roma-Condesa. Artists from the previous global act in the UK and Canada – Liverpool’s BetaRok75 and Vancouver’s Emily Gray – travelled to Mexico City to join her in this cause. They offered their support for positive art in the community by painting alongside her.

Beyond these murals, Absolut supported an event on 14th December to coincide with the unveiling and to celebrate the area by involving local food and cultural partners from the community. At the heart of this cause was the drive to bring people back to the neighbourhood that was Mexico City’s thriving cultural centre. Creativity was used to spread a positive message of strength in unity and the community celebrated those who have done so much to rebuild this area already.

The entire project was devised by Cult with Absolut Mexico and produced by

Founder and Executive Producer at Cult commented: “Having witnessed the terrible destruction the earthquake had on such an amazingly vibrant area, we were thrilled to be able to do something to help the community re-unite. Absolut are such an inspiring client to work with and it was a wonderful experience to see how art and commerce can re-engage a community and bring a glimpse of hope and healing to the area.”

Meteoro commented:

“In this piece I want to represent the power of being connected from the deepest root, when it is most needed. The circle represents unity and the two animals are the dogs that at this moment in Mexico are a symbol of love and loyalty to the neighbour, illuminated by a bright flame of empathy to connect with each other. At the bottom of the design, there is a collection of rocks that represent the rubble, from which arises a rainbow transmitting the power with which humanity can shine if we take the adversities as lessons. The complete design is framed by a series of symbols and tribal forms, which remind us of the healing power of ancestral wisdom.”

Follow the conversations on social networks with the hashtag #ANightForChange and #JuntosNosLevantamos and through which you will know the different activities that will be taking place in the area and that are part of this initiative.

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