Vivo Launched ViewTube Campaign- A New Wave for YouTube’s Pre Roll ads

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Vivo, the global premium smartphone brand, rolled out a digital campaign ViewTube giving a new wave to YouTube’s ongoing TrueView Ads. With the launch of their V7 model, Vivo leveraged Google’s Director Mix tool to launch a campaign that offers a unique creative solution to gauge higher viewer attention on YouTube.

With Vogon* – the latest innovation on YouTube, Vivo overcame the challenge of playing relevant ads to viewers based on their content preference and history. The campaign was successfully amplified between 23rd to 31st December , and garnered more than 60 million views, 80% completion rate, 7.2% lift in Consideration, 8.5% lift in Purchase Intent, 11.6% lift in Brand Interest & 24.1% lift in Product Interest.

Vivo executed this campaign by monitoring trends and the most popular categories and channels on YouTube for over 30 days. With Google’s new Director Mix Tool, Vivo created over 550 individual ads featuring Ranveer Singh. These ads were dynamically curated based on identified keywords. For instance, a user searching for any movie trailer was served an ad showing Ranveer Singh in a casual atmosphere with a tub of popcorn in hand, talking about how the trailer needs to be watched on a V7 Full View Display. If a user searched for a song, they were served with an ad that suggested that the song was best heard on V7 Hi-Fi music. This contextual streaming of ads brought in high amount of relevance that ensured viewers did not skip these ads – giving relevant visibility to Vivo V7.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Kenny Zeng, CMO, Vivo India said, “Vivo has always strived for innovation in all its aspects – right from products to our marketing approach. With the launch of our new digital campaign, we aim to market Vivo V7 in a non-intrusive way to our consumers.”

Speaking on the campaign, Rajiv Dingra, founder and CEO, WATConsult, said, “The digital marketing world is evolving with newer advertising concepts being introduced every day. Today, consumers prefer relevant content which delivers the intended message quickly and with some quirk. The ViewTube campaign has rightfully delivered on the requirement of Vivo’s new age consumers.”

*Vogon is a tool to create dynamic videos that allow brands to dynamically embed text, audio or images within their videos to generate unlimited video variations – cutting down on efforts, costs, time, and planning. With Vogon, a different message can be shown to the user depending on the content the user is watching on YouTube.

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