Flipkart fashion tells you the best way to look your best

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Flipkart lands another punch by releasing their latest all-rounder campaign on making trendy fashion accessible and affordable. The campaign that lasts for 10 weeks connects with customers on all touch points like television, YouTube and social media.  

The ad series reiterates Flipkart as the preferred destination for any kind of shopper, from celebrity fashion lovers or brand enthusiasts or exclusive fashion lovers or the fashionistas who hate repeating their clothes or even the divas who love specially curated looks, Flipkart Fashion
is The best way to look your best!

As an extension to the campaign ‘Be trendy. Always.’ launched earlier this year, the latest campaign also features the Flipkart kids. The kids have made a memorable impact in the shoppers’ mind and have always succeeded in convincing consumers that shopping with them is always worthwhile.  
Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Shoumyan Biswas, Head of Marketing, Flipkart added, “Flipkart is the leader for fashion in the ecommerce space and our vision is to be India’s most preferred destination for trendy and affordable fashion.  We have worked on this vision for past one year and delivered campaigns like ‘If it’s trendy, it’s on Flipkart’ and ‘Be trendy. Always.’ which has given us phenomenal business results. On the back of deep consumer research, we understood that every fashion shopper has a different method to get what they want from Fashion. Being relevant to every kind of fashion shopper, Flipkart can be the best place for everyone to look their best. Our new campaign ‘The best way to look your best’ is centred
around this insight and brings alive different fashion shopper archetypes in a fun and interesting manner.”
The campaign went live on December 26, it includes:

 A video series with Rohan Joshi (leading stand-up comedian) that will help fashion forward men discover what’s best for specific looks and tips on how to style and dress themselves.

 Flipkart has partnered with fashion magazine GQ, to showcase how to get trendy like your favourite celebrity by shopping on Flipkart.

 The campaign will also feature a game on YouTube where celebrities will be challenged to put together certain looks under themes by shopping on Flipkart

 The series will be followed by Weekly Hues – where fashion shoppers will be given tips on how to shop a look based on a theme like size, or trend or color or occasion – very much in line with the shopping experience offered on the platform itself

Flipkart Fashion is a platform that delivers quality and prices that the Indian customer values, Flipkart caters to every fashion need across its portfolio.

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