Kshitij | IIT Kharagpur | 19th-21st January 2018

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KSHITIJ, organised by IIT Kharagpur, is a fest much awaited by tech-lovers across the country.Since its inception in 2004 it has grown exponentially and has become the largest symposium of its kind in Asia.

The 2018 edition is scheduled to be held from 19th-21st January 2018.It comprises a diverse array of highly competitive, technical and managerial events which have the participation of the best brains form leading engineering and management institutes globally.

This year Kshitij has 33 events spread across 9 genres:

1. Woodstock: Woodstock is a real stock market game played with virtual money. Prize Money: 20,000
2. Forex: A real time experience of the “foreign exchange” with virtual money and real time data. Prize Money:20,000

1. B Plan: A Business Planning competition. Prize Money:75,000
2. Eureka: An IEEE certified paper presentation event. Prize Money:40,000
3. Xilinx Innovation challenge: .Prize Money:90,000

Code Conclave:
1. Overnite: An ACM Certified Night Long Programming Competition. Prize Money:50,000
2. Source Code: An event where the code is flipped and code is to be backtracked. Prize Money:30,000
3. Code-O Soccer: A strategy-based coding competition for Soccer lovers. Prize Money:40,000
4. Unix Hack pro: . Prize Money: 30,000

1. Embetronix: Solve the maze in minimum possible time. Prize Money:50,000
2. Droid Blitz: Devise an amphibious robot that can sprint along craggy terrains. Prize Money:45,000
3. Robowars: A war between the robots. Prize Money:1,00,000
4. Poles Apart: .Prize Money:40,000
5. Stax: . Prize Money:40,000
6. Fortress: . Prize Money:40,000

1. Laws of Motion: A National Aeromodelling Competition by Boeing. Prize Money:2,40,000
2. Arm of Achelous: Devise a mobile syringe actuated mechanical arm. Prize Money:40000
3. Sandrover: Build a sand carrying bot traverse an uneven terrain. Prize Money:40000
4. Goldberg Challenge: .Prize Money:40,000

1. Indian Case Challenge: .Prize Money:70,000
2. Hired: .Prize Money:15,000

Workshops: Kshitij 2018 in association with famous tech-giants of India presents the following workshops:

1. NVIDIA India– GPU computing fuels AI & HPC which is intended for computer enthusiasts.

2. Microsoft -‘Human like-AI’.

3. Mahindra Rise-Design of Sustainable Innovations.

4. Google Developers– Getting Started with Reactive Programming in Java, Kotlin, and Android.

5. Philips India -‘Internet of Things and Lighting’.

6. IBM -‘Patenting & Enterprise Applications – Security and Analytics of System of Records’

7. WorldQuant -most intriguing topics in finance, ‘Quant Finance’.

8. Prana Studios– the creators of Khaleesi’s dragons, presents its eighth workshop Role of Technology in Film Making – Animation and Visual Effects.

Some of the Partners for KSHITIJ 2018 are : Boeing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, The Telegraph, 9XM, 9XO, Jet Airways, IBM, Sidbi Venture, Mouser Electronics, NVIDIA, Airbus, Intel, Experian, CYIENT, Synopsys, Xilinx, CESC Limited, Bengal Energy, Pizza Hut, Wow Momos, Anmol Industries, Roosters Delight, Cream Bell, Kusum Rolls, Zebronics, Devicebazar, eCourierz, IES Master, Hype Creationz, Eye Catchers,Pitch Magazine, Orien Teleservices, Flying Machine, BagaRUs, Inshorts News, Pearson Education, Music Streaming Partner, Zaprio Mediaworks, M&T Studio, Adhidev Karan, Arvind Kumar Photography, V Media, Hook2events, Dare2Complete, Allevents, festPav, BrainBuxa, 4yuva, Freshersworld, Ekapiens, The Northern Today, Fest Samachar, Jammag, OhCampus, Blogadda, NoticeBoard, Lawctopus, Where India Connects,, Campfestiva, Ignite Engineers, Indianeducation, Lex Witness, , SiliconIndia, Tinpahar, Competition Success Review and Entrepreneur.

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