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How has social media marketing taken over India?

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It does not come as a surprise to me that technology has taken over our lives, slowly but steadily making each one of us crave for a digital world that supposedly holds answers to all our questions. More than half our households own smartphones, which have amounted to 462 million internet users of which 200 million are active social media users.

The reason for this success is the huge advancement of the average Indian consumer who is rapidly keeping pace with the changing digital times. Why is the Indian consumer embracing the digital world so efficiently? He has all kinds of digital aid right from a strong 4G connection, cheap handsets, OTT entertainment. This creates the ideal consumer who is armed to take in every brand’s digital marketing strategies and be a part of its target audience. The effective digital tools used to reach audiences have made social media marketing all the more relevant for brands to tap their audiences, know their needs and provide them with the tailored messages.

Social and Digital Media have already become the primary forms of communication for luxury brands whose TG is skewed towards the tier-1 cities. The momentous rise of number of individuals accessing the internet and the increase in time spent on social media will ensure that over the next few years this would become the primary advertising platform for the vast majority of brands.

In 2016, 24.33% of Indians accessed the Internet via mobile which is predicted to rise to 37.36% by 2021. When the typical Indian consumer is readily evolving with the rapidly changing digital times, brands should step in and cash on this opportunity. It is time we realize that social media marketing is destined to become the core mouth-piece for brands, build relationships with its target audience over a period of time and be the corner stone for building a brand’s image.

Today, many brands worry about formulating the ‘perfect strategy’ before venturing or growing in this arena. I would like to leave such brands with one advice – on this medium, as is for most things in life, it’s important to take a step and DO something, rather than to wait and do nothing at all.

Rohan Mehta is the CEO of Social Kinnect

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