Barbeque Nation launches new Advertising Campaign ‘Kyu nahi, Barbeque’

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Barbeque Nation launched a new national advertising campaign titled ‘Kyu Nahi, Barbeque’. The key focus of the campaign was to throw light on the idea of Barbeque Nation as an answer to all the ‘KYU’s’. The idea behind the campaign is to tell people that celebrations need not have a reason. An occasion is not the only reason to celebrate.
“Barbeque Nation wanted to create a large set of new first-time customers and create awareness about the variety of food. Many agencies came with the approach of big spends. Geek Creative Agency brought the focus back on the power of content with the campaign #KyuNahiBarbeque. We want the concept of ‘Its Not Kyu, Its Barbeque’ to be present in our everyday conversations” Sameer Bhasin, CEO, Barbeque Nation. “The response to the campaign has been great. We are seeing a spike in the new set of first time customers & smart conversations around #KyuNahiBarbeque on social media”, Komal & Harish, Sr. Managers Marketing.

The 30 second ad features a 4 year old girl. She taunts her friend who travels across the country & around the world to explore various cuisines. Barbeque Nation offers a platter of world cuisines with the various food festivals they host. This campaign was the first Television Commercial for Barbeque Nation.

“We worked on various scripts and approaches before freezing on the concept of this really smart kid. Who better than a little child to remind everyone that celebration does not need a reason? People of all ages would find this kid witty, cute and mature, which really helps capture the imagination of #KyuNahiBarbeque”, Sagar Nidavani, CEO, Geek Creative Agency.

Watch the ad here:

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