The new TIMEX TVC encourages you to stay fit without compromising your fashion quotient

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TIMEX is a American Brand wooing Indian consumers with its technology. It has always focused on brining the best experience to its consumers in India while keeping their American culture intact, they have beautifully leveraged their legacy and expertise to offer watches that are a confluence of style and technology – the connected style segment. This segment has TIMEX METROPOLITAN+ and IQ+ and now a new device TIMEX | BLINK joins the segment, developed in collaboration with the Indian start-up BLINK.

With a shared vision of creating contemporary wrist-wearables, the watch is developed in collaboration with the Indian start-up BLINK.

Commenting on the film, Anupam Mathur, Head – Sales and Marketing, Timex Group India, said “TIMEX is a global brand that has a lineage attached to it which is glorious and unique. As a brand, we have always focused on enhancing lifestyles and giving our consumers a timeless experience. The brand has evolved over the years with advancement in technology and lifestyles but has always kept its American roots intact. This TVC showcases how one can keep themselves fit without compromising on style throughout the day”.

What if you stay healthy without compromising on style. Well! You can. Jointly conceived by Wirepaper Studios and Witworks, the new TVC showcases how one can keep themselves fit without giving up on their style quotient no matter what they are doing throughout the day: At home, Office, gym! It reminds you of your priorities and has a caller ID so that you don’t have to carry your phone everywhere. It helps you create an impression with different styles and interchangeable straps. More importantly, it has an SOS feature that makes sure you can alert your loved ones at an instant whenever you feel you are in danger.

Said Wirepaper, Creative Head – Vikrant Singh Kirar, “Our brief was to showcase the uniqueness of the device in terms of its distinct looks and wide range of features. This watch is nothing like anything out there, and brings together the classiness of a timepiece and sportiness of a fitness tracker. The character, set-up, activities had to be true to the product and its target audience. The new TIMEX | BLINK offers you the perfect fitness buddy that constantly tracks your activities. You’re getting the updates everyday so you know how beneficial they are. Plus, the watch has a quick release metal, leather and silicone strap and is minimally designed which make it a great fashion accessory. This activity tracker displays time and current battery level. Now, get all the information displayed on its sleek 0.9 OLED display and to live up to power-efficient legacy, the watch gives you the battery backup of 7 to 14 hours without a use of special dock or connector. A simple micro USB cable required on the go. Go for a run in the morning or walk up a flight of stairs at work, this fitness companion tracks every move. It shows you the number of steps you’ve walked, the number of calories burnt, and the number of minutes or hours you work out. Now, stay safe with the SOS trigger and connect your phone to this smart beauty to get SMS notifications on your progress. The band is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth. Deck up with your favourite outfit and match with quick easy replaceable different strap.

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