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Q&A with Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India

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JS: How did the ‘Be More Human’ campaign come about?
ST:Reebok’s global philosophy of ‘Be More Human’ has always aimed to inspire physical, social and mental fitness amongst the consumers. In India, we extended the outreach with the FitToFight campaign, focusing on women and encouraging them to adopt fitness to counter trials and challenges. Additionally, given the increasing fitness consciousness among women, Reebok India specifically wanted to engage them through a sustained outreach. This was our opportunity and we identified International Women’s Day 2016 to launch Reebok’s FitToFight campaign. The initiative introduced Kangana Ranaut as the brand ambassador and inspired women to share their personal stories of struggle and determination. Taking inspiration from the format of the film that showcased Kangana’s inspiring story in the backdrop of her doing routines for functional training, dance, yoga, kick-boxing and others, we crafted an integrated, earned consumer-centric communications strategy. The first phase received an overwhelming response from the audience where we received about 100 plus entries from women across the country. At our first FitToFight awards, women nominees were felicitated by Kangana; among them being Deepa Malik and Geeta Tandon.

This year, we rebooted the FitToFight campaign with an overarching theme of Girls Don’t Fight that espouses the cause of women battling social biases such as eve teasing and inequality in pay.

JS:Regarding the ‘fit to fight’ campaign, what does the marketing campaign include in addition to the TVC’s?
ST: This is one of our biggest campaigns for 2017, and we have adopted a multi-media approach for it, where we aim to engage our consumers through multiple touch points. We will adopt a 360-degree integrated approach for the campaign – Digital & TV are the primary platforms for the campaign. The first TVC on eve teasing has been on air since mid-September followed by the recent one on inequality in pay. We have used Social media, our Retail touchpoints and in-cinema promotions as well. This year we have also started a Youth Outreach Program through some partner NGOs to reach schools and college students as well. The campaign will culminate with the Fit to Fight Awards 2017 in early December this year.

JS:Digital technology has changed the landscape of marketing, how is Reebok leveraging digital technology?
ST:The fast-paced world of digital marketing is changing too quickly for most companies to adapt. But staying up to date with the latest industry trends is imperative for anyone involved with expanding a business. The real-time conversations/interactions brands have with people as they interact with websites and mobile apps has changed the nature of marketing. The modern-day marketing department needs to combine the creative side of the discipline – using powerful narratives to tap into people’s wishes and aspirations – with the technical side of data, digital engineering and analytics.

Content is king, and it seems to be getting more important every day. We push for current, relevant content that you can use for your services and promote your business. Staying fresh with the content provides Reebok a competitive edge with other brand in ensuring high-quality content. Customers will pay more attention if your content is relevant and timely.

Mobile assets and paid social media are more important than ever – It’s no secret that mobile is key to your marketing efforts. More people are reading content on mobile screens than ever before, so it is crucial to your overall strategy to have mobile marketing expertise on your team. Reebok feels that mobile marketing could overtake desktop website marketing in just a few years.

Reebok is increasingly using Big Data to get their brand message out to the public in a more personalized format. Big Data will also let you offer specific content to buyers who are more likely to look for certain items, for example, and offer personalized deals to specific groups of within your customer base.

JS:How was the first TVC on Eve-teasing received?
ST:Putting the spotlight on a strong social issue such as eve teasing, our TVC resonated well with our audience and we amassed 13 million views on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel. While our second film on inequality in pay is still gaining momentum, and has received 3 million views on our channels. The films have hit the right emotional note and user comments have been pouring in talking about the campaign and sharing their own experiences. We have an overwhelming response with over 300+ entries already.

JS:Future plans?
ST:We are underway with the second edition of our FitToFight. We have an overwhelming response with over 300+ entries already. The most inspiring stories will be felicitated by Kangana Ranaut at the Fit to Fight awards that will be held in December this year.

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