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Charles Darwin once said “In the long history of mankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” The statement might be age old but it holds true at our time more than it ever did before. It can be applied to all aspects of life including the magnificent marketing industry. Over the years, marketing as we know it; has continued to change dramatically, blurring the lines between other business operations and branching out to be more inclusive, all of which is profoundly embedded in innovation. The times are such that we cannot rely on one way communication. The new age consumer is smart and is seeking much more than information.

Today, the information can be accessed through multiple screens and a piece of news becomes stale in a matter of hours. There’s a need to find the consumers where they are instead of trying to reach out to them through conventional means. It is a must to deliver key brand messages on multi-layered platforms which can’t be restrictive in nature.

Nerolac has been a prominent advertiser in the category and over the years we have continuously endeavoured to innovate brand messaging as well as consumer connect initiatives. Trying to reach out to our consumers through these means was not enough and there was a need to deepen our on-ground connect. In that spirit, we have started many initiatives resulting in great social media and personal interactions.

Our recently launched on-ground campaign at the Terminal 1 of the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, titled – Making our world #ashadebetter, utilizes the luggage conveyer belt as the primary media. The aim of this campaign is to present the vividness and variety of shades that Nerolac offers. The conveyer belt, converted into a giant moving shade card, gives the passengers a visual relief while creating a unique experience for them. It offers colour inspiration in a manner never done before.

The passengers who experienced the belt on the day of Diwali were in for a surprise as there were personalized gifts waiting for them at the Nerolac Conveyer belt.

One of our initiatives allowed our stakeholders to experience firsthand; one of the most loved passions in India – Cricket (movies being the other one). We have partnered Sunrisers Hyderabad & Gujarat Lions during the IPL and offered channel partners and painters a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch their stars play up close and a lucky few got to play matches against the team; all to create memories to be cherished for life.

Similarly, to connect with our consumers on ground, we have been organising Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo, Kolkata’s biggest mural and pujo competition, for last three years now. With Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo, our aim is to become a part of the cultural thread that binds Bengal together – Durga Puja. This unique initiative reaches out to paras or localities celebrating Durga Puja, while honouring and promoting Bengal’s rich cultural heritage.

India is a diverse nation defined by culture and aesthetic sensibilities. Colours are present everywhere and each one of us has a unique taste, which makes it very difficult to mass-produce personal preferences. In an attempt to acknowledge the desire for personalization amongst homeowners, after a rigorous research, conducted all across India, we have come up with Nerolac Colour Guides. The stories in our Colour Guides are created to cater to the ‘designers within’, offering ideas and setups to explore and get inspired with. The books deconstruct the décor styles into quick design tips and concepts that consumers can immediately adopt in their homes.

While we constantly strive to reach out to our consumers, we do not want to miss the section which enjoys playing with colours most – children. We have partnered with KidZania to create a dedicated section in their theme parks called ‘Colour Ur House’ that gives children a hands-on opportunity to paint their rooms in vibrant colours and showcase their creative side. Eco-friendly paints, rollers and brushes are provided to the kids helping them bring out their artistic streak.

Our ‘Suraksha Sab Ke Liye’ initiative helped millions during the Simhastha Mela, one of the four ‘Kumbh Melas’, celebrated as the largest spiritual gathering on the planet. As safety remains an utmost priority during this month long activity, we launched this novel campaign in partnership with the local authorities to keep people safe during the holy dips and taking special care of the children and elderly.

Mr. Anuj Jain is Director – Decorative and Industrial Sales & Marketing, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

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