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Reliance Trends and Brave New World wishes all ‘#Nayi Wali Diwali’

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This year, Reliance Trends., an apparel & accessory company from the house of Reliance Retail, chose to remind the country that the real light and sound of Diwali isn’t born out of a cracker box, but is a result of human nature and family dynamics. 
Brave New World, an integrated communications agency based in Bengaluru, conceptualized and created a social media campaign for Reliance Trends, “Who needs fireworks, when your family is full of fireworks!”
According to Reliance Trends, if there’s one word that best describes Diwali, it’s the word “Loud”. But they clearly aren’t talking about the kind of noise that comes out of a box of crackers. With public sentiment towards eco-friendly festivals seeing an uptrend, the brand chose to remind the country that the light and sound that makes the festival special is actually the product of human nature and family dynamics. 
Rich with nostalgia and emotion, the social media film holds a mirror up to every Indian family. It encourages people to appreciate the value of every relative and the special touch of welcome madness that each brings to the occasion. The uncle with a contagious laugh, the patriarch who fires off action-packed stories, the women of the house with their kindness and warmth or the energy and enthusiasm of the millennials of the family are what make the memories of the day lasting; not sulphur fumes and deadly decibel levels.  
On October 9th, two days before the launch of the film, the Delhi government announced a ban on fireworks. Serendipitously, the film was more than well poised to join the conversation, making it possibly one of the most relevant points of view this season.
A day before Diwali, the campaign has already clocked over 100,000 likes, 7.8 million views, 13.5k shares and a healthy volume of debate and engagement on social media.

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