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    Samsung Mobiles is India’s Most Attractive Brand, LG ranks 2nd, Sony is 3rd

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    India’s much awaited brand attractiveness barometer, India’s Most Attractive Brands 2015 Report by TRA, a study measuring ‘attractiveness’ held in brands has been released. Samsung Mobiles has been ranked as India’s Most Attractive Brand in the study this year. The win reaffirms the brand’s hold over the Indian market as the electronics giant has also…

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    Himalaya Neem Facewash shakes up the Facewash Market

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    Himalaya’s Neem Facewash has become a success in both the rural and urban markets due to its problem-solving and solution-driven capabilities for pimple prone skin, helping brand Himalaya become a leader in the Rs 1600 crore face wash market. But apart from a superior product, the company has made a habit of research based innovation,…

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    Urban Ladder partners with Vizury to gain insights into TV advertising

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    Vizury, the Big Data Marketing company has announced its partnership with Urban Ladder to help measure the efficacy of the online furniture company’s television advertisements. Vizury’s TV Analytics solution determines the spike in website traffic and the period of impact for every ad slot across multiple channels, helping Urban Ladder identify and profile potential customers….

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    Askme becomes latest entrant in hyper-local online grocery category

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    Askme, the growing online SMB marketplace, has launched its pioneering online grocery platform across Delhi NCR. It plans to launch this initiative across top 27 cities in India, next four to six months. With a promise that grocery is available below MRP and delivered at your doorstep, the team has successfully brought together offline merchants…

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    Facebook updates ‘Conversion Lift’ to help marketers ,measure impact of Ads

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    Advertising smart is what Facebook is encouraging marketers to do. Measurement seems to be the biggest challenge for marketers who want to measure the impact of their ads on Facebook to understand which ads are meeting their objective the most. By adding new capabilities to its ‘Conversion Lift’ measurement tool, it aims to help advertisers…

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    Twitter launches Self-Service Ads Platform for SMBs in India

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    Twitter has launched the self-service advertising platform to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India. Twitter has expanded the platform reach of Twitter Ads globally from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, SMBs from India to Iceland can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages. In addition, Twitter…

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    The “App” as the ultimate symbol of consumerist culture

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    We now live in a world of “apps” – those small but intelligent software programs that look good and reside inside our smart phones. The ultimate aim of the ‘app’ is to ensure that whatever we want is just two clicks away to access. In a random viewing of ads on television yesterday, I saw…

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    Yes Bank creates buzz with social media campaign, amplifies it across touch points

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    It started with a Twitter campaign on the occasion of India’s 69th Independence Day and the campaign is now followed by the ‘India Bole Yes’ campaign by India’s fifth largest private sector Bank, Yes Bank. Yes Bank invited all Indians to raise the Indian Tricolour on Twitter. ‘Raise The Tri-Colour’ brought Indians across the world…

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    Influencer marketing gets a boost through platforms like Blogmint

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    Some of the recent brand, campaign and product launches have been led by influencers, the new celebrities on digital media whose reach and impact can touch millions. Brands have woken up to the importance of influencers and their carefully worded recommendations, that go a long way in cajoling customers to take to the brand. Each…